An open letter to Anti-gunners from a gun owner:


We have more in common than you may realize. I think you want to stop needless deaths, and keep the public safer. I think you are especially protective of children, and want to keep them safe from gun violence. As a gun owner, I want these things too. When you hear of a school shooting, or a workplace shooting, where some loser killed people because he blamed everyone else for his shortcomings and inadequacies, you are in agony. As a gun owner, I am in agony with you.

I think that some measures taken by people who share your beliefs are understandable emotional responses to very scary events, but how well have you thought them through? Will putting up signs declaring No Weapons Allowed stop a disturbed individual from wreaking havoc?

I agree with you that certain people should not have guns- the severely/chronically mentally ill, those actively using drugs or alcohol, or those convicted of violent crimes.   People who have chosen to hurt others have forfeited their right to own a gun. Those that suffer from severe and chronic mental illness do not have the capacity or judgement to own a gun, for their own safety and the safety of others. Those under the grip of an addiction will abandon any moral standards they previously held, and thus should not have access to firearms.

Where I disagree with you is the method by which people should be kept safe.  You think regulating guns, or better yet, banning them will accomplish this. I think that would cause more innocent people to be harmed. I respect and thank all those who wear a uniform and carry guns to defend our nation and our states, towns, and cities. However, I don’t think we should rely upon them exclusively to keep us safe.

As people who disagree with private ownership of firearms, or think there should be substantial regulation of firearms, I invite you and welcome you to this website, to explore the point of view of people who own guns. Those of you who pride yourselves on Liberal or Progressive thinking place a heavy emphasis on tolerance. Will you tolerate our beliefs at least well enough to hear us?

Stay Safe


An open letter to Gun Owners from another Gun owner:

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am going to challenge you: What are you doing to protect our gun rights? When was the last time you voted? Or wrote or called your state representative? Are you active in the NRA? And how do you act?

Any group will be judged by the actions of its most vocal and visible members, and unfortunately, it’s worst members. That includes gun owners. There is a weekly column in a local Liberal newspaper in my area titled: The Second Amendment Follies. It describes firearms accidents. As a gun-owner, and Second Amendment advocate, it is an embarrassment to read. We must conduct ourselves with dignity, responsibility and safety. We must check ourselves, and regulate our own behavior so the state does not feel the need to. We must not do anything that can contribute to a bad image of gun owners.

  1. Be a safe and responsible gun owner.
  2. Know the rules of gun safety and always practice them.
  3. Never touch a gun if you have touched alcohol.
  4. Don’t reinforce stereotypes- save the camouflage and Blaze orange for the woods.
  5. Educate yourself about your rights, the second amendment, gun ownership, and crime. I am going to be totally biased here and tell you to read everything I have written, especially my article on Narcissism. No, seriously, I research all my articles carefully, and cite sources, double and triple checking everything for accuracy, so you get the best quality information. Please tell others. If you find a mistake, tell me.
  6. Make police officers the allies of civilian gun owners. Nearly all of them are private gun owners as well. When you see a cop, give them a nod or a good morning. They have a hard job.
  7. Same with anyone in the uniform of our Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard. And never let them pay for coffee or a drink in your presence.

The Second Amendment to the US Constitution is being steadily eroded. We need to stop the rhetoric and take action if we are going to preserve our rights.

Stay Safe


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