Author: Andrew Codling

I'm a relatively new student of mediumship, but I guess looking back, I've always been highly intuitive. I was in my late thirties when I had what I'd calI a "Wow" moment. One of those moments that make you sit up and think, " I need to look into this more" What started as me pondering the concept ofife after death, has become a passion that grows with each passing day. I run a fortnightly mediumship circle in Norfolk, England, we work on our mediumistic and psychic abilites as a group and in one to one scenario's. I am passionate about Altered States and Trance, I sit to develop myself, I run workshops teaching Altered States and Trance, and I also run two monthly groups for students wishing to explore this aspect of mediumship., and to build their relationships with their Spirit Teams, the real tutors of their development. Finally, I sit weekly to develop Physical Mediumship in my home, this is done at the request of my Spirit Team, and is another great passion of mine, as ever, this takes a great deal of time and commitment to bring to fruition. I care deeply about Mediumship, and I care about the standards I operate at, so my driving force, is to understand and build my relationship with my team, and to try and help them achieve the best possible outcome for us all. It's an eternal path of learning, but one which has greatly enriched my life, and without it, I am in no doubt, that I would be poorer without it.