Best Concealed Firearms For Women

Top Concealed Firearms For Women. Women are considered as the number one demographic new shooters who are looking for concealable handguns, according surveys done during 2002 to 2008. As compared to men they face completely different challenges to carry concealed. When selecting the best concealed firearms many things matters such as- gender, wardrobe, body shape, physical size and strength matters too. We really need to consider the ability to efficiently shoot a defensive handgun. Moreover, the best holster for women is a specially designed purse for concealed carry. The list of 10 favorite concealed firearms for women helps you choose the best out of the many options available. With more and more women interested in carrying concealed weapons, high quality self-defense handguns are out on the market. This list will help you get an idea about their own unique spin of a concealed carry weapon.

Sr. No. Name of the Concealed Carry Description Price Capacity
1 Glock 26/27 These duos Glock 26 and Glock 27 are identical firearms. Recommended due their reliability and conceal-ability.   $599 10+1  
2 Kahr PM9 This favorite among everyone, nice, light and short pistol is great for concealed carry. This offers you different options from the factory like regular combat sights, or tritium night sights.     $786   6+1
3 Colt Mustang XSP Those who like to carry a full size 1911-style weapon, but with a deep concealment option, this little ball of fury is best. This fully loaded pistol is very tiny to conceal carry.   .   $649   6+1
4 Springfield XDs   A top seller XDs line consists of both 9mm and 45ACP version. This is the most popular Springfield concealed in the carrier world.     $599   9mm 7+1 ; 45ACP 5+1
5 Smith & Wesson M&P Shield   For better concealment Sheild is the reduced version of the most popular M&P duty line. Available in both sizes 9mm and 40S&W, this can be used as primary or backup handgun purposes.     $469 Varies with model
6 Ruger LC9   Ruger’s pistol may not be very exciting in looks, but counts as the best options to carry. It sized as less than an inch wide, slim looking is the greatest method of carry.   $449   7+1  
7 Beretta Nano   An oddly designed Beretta Nano’s pistol is a great concealable carry, specially designed not to stick out from the clothing or get caught in a holster.     $445   6+1
8 Kel-Tec PF-9   With a basic set up Kel-Tec offers the best features to get happy customer reviews. This is designed from P-11 and P-3At pistols to stay lighter in new version for best concealment.     $333   : 7+1  
9 Kimber Super Carry Pro   Absolutely stunning looking big-bore pistol, Kimber’s super carry Pro is great concealable carry. Adding a few extra dollars will not hurt you as it’s worth every penny.     $1,596   8+1  
10 SIG Sauer P938   SIG Sauer’s p938 is very popular as it is a tiny 1911-style pistol that can be fully loaded with 9mm rounds. This is light and a great primary concealed carry firearm.     $836   6+1

  In the nutshell, after having read all these options if you still feel some are missing, don’t wait just head over to your local gun shop for a better understanding of concealable firearms.    

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