Boots on the ground by us special forces in Syria

He Said It Would Not Happen

There are now plans for the American boots to have its first step on Syria to aid in the war against the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant or commonly known as ISIL. There will be dozen of Special Forces troops that will be sent and become advisers to the different groups fighting against the ISIL.

This plan was announced by Washington in Vienna before the 17 countries, the European Union and the UN has called for a truce nationwide in Syria’s civil war.

The dispatched Special Forces group will work with the local rebel groups to once and for all defeat ISIL.

As the spokesman for White House Josh Earnest said that according to the President there is really no military solution to those different problems that Syria and Iraq are facing now.

The Special Forces deployed will only train, advice and assist all the local groups provided that they are only fewer than 50. If there will be plans of a combat operation they would really need more than 50 troops assigned in the ground.

This move has made the President Barack Obama’s policy to not put any troops to the ground within Syria. Since he had shared that he will not going to put any troops to the ground in Syria.

Even if there’s no fighting involve the risk of just being there make them at risk also.

Al Jazeera’s Rosiland Jordan said that the US is hoping that their action of deploying the Special Forces will aid in putting pressure to both parties who are at war that is now on its fifth year.

There has been air strikes done that is targeted directly at ISIL for over a year.

Even with all the different actions made they the US they still haven’t stationed any troops there,.

This plan of sending troops is just a part of a major package where there will be more warplanes to be sent on the region.

There is now a good strategy of increasing the help to the groups that are fighting against the ISIL while still continuing on with the diplomacy talks to totally remove the Assad from power.



















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