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Sarah Hanratty was patient, took the time to listen, asked questions to ascertain the reasons/causes for the symptoms. Gave suggestions of tests I should seek from my GP and I was given a Food Programme to work with, along with suggestive supplements to speed up my recovery.


I thought Sarah was excellent from my first contact with her. I sent a lengthy quite detailed email which she answered fully and very promptly and kept in contact with me until my consultation. During my nutrition consultation, I felt Sarah was completely engaged and really listened. I found her very easy and open which in turn made me feel at ease and meant I could be open and feel that I was in a supportive environment. What I found very useful and unexpected was that Sarah took detailed notes of what we had discussed and emailed them to me along with her recommendations within a day of our meeting. This meant I hadn’t had to make notes and could fully benefit from the consultation and obviously hadn’t had to remember it all. I had a point of reference which I have been using regularly and has been massively helpful in my journey to getting well again. Thank you!

Very knowledgeable

We consulted Sarah to help with my autistic son’s digestive and behaviour problems. Sarah was extremely knowledgeable and full of interesting ideas which i hope will benefit us.


Very warm and friendly service.

Fabulous knowledge presented practically.

Knowledgeable, practical, really listened to my symptoms and provided thoughtful advice. Already I’m feeling better. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

You are in very safe hands just like a Trusted Family.

My experience here was very unique. They take each & every detail about patient’s past & present condition into account and then Sarah works around that. She would thoroughly make a plan of action that suits your requirements and fits perfectly with you routine. Sarah is extremely talented and always answered the mail. I trust her like a family member and talking to her solve half the problem. I am very impressed with the way Sarah pin points the main problem ( the root cause ) and then works around it. I would strongly recommend them to anyone who want to get better with clear results and without worry about the side effects of the strong medication.

Valuable, competent support!

Sarah Hanratty has been an immensely competent and valuable support to heal our son from autism.

Great service given.

My experience as been very pleasant, my practitioner is very compassionate, a good listener and she has shown empathy and congruence, supporting us through a journey that as it’s ups and downs. She has a wealth of knowledge and very informative, sharing information that we would not be prevalent too.

Best support ever.

I loved the one to one service and the constant information and advice. My daughters have benefited 100%. I have also referred friends and family x


Brilliant, really helpful and knowledgable, invaluable.

On – 19 Apr, 2018 By Sarah Hanratty

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