Choosing The Right Survival Knife

Knives are used in our everyday lives as a much-needed utensil. They provide a means of making jobs related to chopping, cutting and paring easier. Without knives, there would not be a means of completing these tasks. The kitchen is not the only place where a knife can be used. They are also required for tasks that take place outside the home, such as hunting, digging, peeling fruits, camping, and survival. Some individuals are unable to exist without their knives because they know how important it is to them.

A Survival Knife Is A Knife For Life

Which knife is best for survival use? Good question. Is it for carving, skinning, chopping wood, making tools, fire starting or digging?

As they say, “the best survival knife is the knife that’s on you.” This means when you are choosing your knife; you want it to be the highest quality tool possible. You depend on this for survival, after all.

No knife is universally good for everything, which is why there are so many different choices of blades available. Unfortunately, knives are heavy; they will be one of the heaviest things you can pack. This means you won’t want to bring multiple knives, particularly in a bug out bag, since saving weight is essential. Which begs the question: which knife should you pack in your survival gear when you can only bring one?

Your Survival Knife Should Do The Task

Will it be good for the task at hand? The knife you choose should be great for the task you have at hand. Whether it is long or short, your knife should have the capability of doing anything that you have to do. From pulling a screw to cutting up meat after a hunt. The easier it is to wield, the better the knife. Instead of having several, this one should do the trick.

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How strong is the knife?

How sturdy is it – not all knives are equal, in that some are made sturdy to successfully complete some heavy duty tasks while others are flimsy for other minor tasks. Having a sturdy knife can ensure that you have a knife that will last. If you have to plunge the knife into a piece of lumber, wood,  or other hard surfaces, then you will not need to get another if you have a sturdy one.

Is your survival Knife Sharp Enough?

Is the blade sharp or strong enough? Many knives are faulty in their make-up, because of the strength of the blade, or its ability to be and stay sharpened. If the knife has a blade that is made of high-quality steel, then it will be able to withstand any amount of sharpening. However, if it is made of a flimsy type of steel material, then sharpening will ultimately damage the steel, rendering it useless.

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How big is it? The size of the knives that people carry is relative to the task that they want to be completed. Even though big knives seem to be the most popular, if it is too big then chances are it won’t hold into your bag or carry case. A compact knife that fits into anything from pockets to slots in the car is ideal. In addition to that, those bigger knives are scary for some people to look at. A great size for a knife is between 4 and six inches, as that can fit easily into anything, even someone’s pocket.

Can it be taken anywhere? If you have the perfect knife, one that serves its purpose and has all of the qualities listed above, then you have found your perfect knife. The knife that can be used, put away, sharpened and cleaned without any real fuss is always a great choice. It is easy to pick and choose a knife if you are looking for one, but the real test is to see if you can actually use it for a long time after.

via Here’s Some Much Needed Insight on Which Survival Knives You Can’t Live Without

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