Christmas Guests and Christmas Pests

christmas pests
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What is the worst thing that could happen at Christmas? Your oven stops working? Or maybe some of your shopping didn't get delivered? However, there is still one thing that tops it all, having pests in your home before your guests are due to arrive.

Is there such a thing as Christmas pests? Yes, there are. If you want to get familiar with them, or even better, prevent them from popping up, be sure to read on.

Mites Are One Of The Hardest Christmas Pests To Deal With

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One of the Christmas pests you may encounter during wintertime is mites. Contrary to some other pests, mites have no problems with colder temperatures. They are also surprisingly difficult to eradicate, as they can be on the inside and outside of your home. They can come in with your beautiful Christmas tree.


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Some pests can be associated with winter foliage such as willow, white pine, maples elm and the like. One such pest is the aphid, which survives on the juices inside of these plants and trees. So, if you take any of this foliage inside your home, you could have a little infestation on your hands.


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Even though you may not think about spiders in the middle of winter, but that does not mean they cannot find a nice home in your Christmas tree. Even if you do a spider check, you may still encounter a nasty surprise when you choose a real tree.


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You can also encounter some mice during winter, as they seek shelter from the cold inside your home. To prevent them from coming in, make sure your home does not have any holes or crevices where mice can gain access to your home. Don't ignore the smaller holes around the home though, as a mouse only needs half a centimeter.

How To Keep Pests From Your Home This Winter?

There are some simple tricks and hints that will keep those winter pests from your home. If you want to keep your home pest-free this winter, be sure to check our useful tips below.

Check windows and doors – You should always check your windows and doors and make sure they have been sealed properly. Look for signs of holes or crevices where pests could enter your home.

Proper food storage – Make sure you store your food properly in the right containers. Leaving food on the kitchen countertop can be a prime attraction for mice and rats, so be sure you do not leave these out in the open.

Protect the firewood – Another way pests can enter your home is through the firewood. Cozy fires are great, but the firewood can contain a lot of pests that you simply carry into your home without realizing it. To prevent your firewood from infecting your home with pests, keep it at least twenty feet away from your home.

Hoover often – To prevent pests from infesting your home, hoovering your floors can be a wonderful deterrent. Hoover up any crumbs in the kitchen, living room, and even bathroom; this will prevent common pests from making your home their home.

Enjoy a Pest-Free Holiday

When you follow these simple tips, you can enjoy a pest-free holiday. Still, if you encounter any problems during the holidays, you can always get in touch with our pest control service for effective and eco-friendly solutions.

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