College girl who asked for a ride to Trump rally harassed out of school

Bryn Mawr student, 18-year-old Andi Moritz, already knew she was a fish out of water at her liberal arts college when she posted a request for a ride to a Donald Trump campaign event on the student ride-share board.

But she was unprepared for the backlash of comments she received; so many and so vitriolic that she made the decision to leave school. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that following some of the hateful rhetoric, Moritz, who had suffered from mild depression and anxiety, grew a little frantic:

Moritz called the college’s suicide hotline.

“I just needed to talk to someone,” said Moritz, 18, of Hershey. “I was very sad. I wanted out of that college.”

Two days later she dropped out.

Moritz — whose middle name is Bryn after the school — told the Inquirer that she had always felt isolated from her cohorts, but that the dozen or so comments cemented her need to leave the school. Some of the comments were not only disrespectful to Moritz, but absurd in their contentions:

“Nobody has the right to an opinion of bigotry. 0 tolerance for fascists!”

“You want to go campaign for a man who has systematically oppressed entire ethnic/racial groups not to mention the LGBTQIA+ community and many others.”

“Why y’all doing this free labor for white supremacists tho.”

Moritz is exploring other schools but has no immediate plans to restart her education, preferring to work at a local animal shelter instead.

She joins a growing number of conservative students who have been bullied for their beliefs. The College Fix reported last year on eight students who faced a similar backlash for everything from writing conservative columns in a campus newspaper to questioning campus rape hysteria.

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