Compound Bow Hunting 101

The Thrill of Compound Bow Hunting

Bow hunting is part of the base fabric that makes up our culture, in America. The native Americans used the bow in order to provide food and sustenance for the tribe. As a culture, they were one with mother earth and so stealth and silence whilst hunting was the basis on which they excelled. Today, we pay homage to this craft and for every hunter, the compound bow gently flexes in respect the great natives of our land. Compound bow hunting is a skill that is passed down from father to son or chief to warrior and is fast becoming a more exciting way to enjoy the skills of hunting the land. Bow hunting can be very challenging and takes some time and practice to acquire the skill. It’s not as easy as aiming and pulling a trigger, it’s more complex, which makes it a lot more exciting. This is Compound Bow Hunting 101.

bow hunting

Once you have shot a bow and have gained the skill to use one, it’s something you’ll never forget how to do, like riding a bike. Holding the bow and pulling it back is an amazing feeling, but an even better feeling rushes through you one once you release the arrow and time the flight with every breath of excitement pulsating. Whether for sport using targets or hunting to survive, it is an adrenaline rush that you will never forget. Some would say that it is cleaner and takes more skill than just shooting, which is another reason it has become so popular. Trying to take that monster buck using your archery skills is what makes compound bow hunting an exhilarating way to hunt.

When that animal you’re hunting walks out while in your tree stand, or wherever you may be, the adrenaline rush is unstoppable, especially when you know that is the quarry you’re tracking and looking toward. That ten point buck you’ve been scouting for weeks has finally shown himself, your legs get weak and you start to sweat a little. Everything becomes a factor now, the wind blowing, twigs that might be in the way, and even yourself because the thrill and adrenaline is taking over. Naturally, you focus and pull yourself back together and pull back your bow as well. Your heart is pumping hard as you put the pin right on his heart. Take your time, steady yourself, exhale and then release. Whack! His legs kick back as he jumps in the air and takes off running just fifty yards south of you. Now go claim your prize.

Every hunt should always be fun and exciting, but something about bow hunting is extraordinary. The feeling is so amazing knowing you have gained a skill to hunt an animal quietly and effectively just like the native warriors of the past and so we pay our respects to them, to the land and most of all to the source of food we have been given. Compound bows are becoming more advanced in every way. They’re being made lighter, made easier to pull back, and becoming more powerful with the poundage. Using once isn’t less humane than a gun because of the way they’re being made nowadays, especially the arrows themselves. You hit the animal in the correct spot with that crazy broadhead, and it’ll go down. No one should go hunting with a compound bow until they have gained the skill to become effective with it and ensure the clean and effective use of the weapon.

The feeling you get is unforgettable and addictive. You can’t take away a human’s nature to hunt, especially with this kind of bow. Even if you are against hunting, like some people are, it is still a sensational feeling shooting a bow and arrow at a target. Mastering the compound bow can be very beneficial for survival, and all in all, it’s just an awesome way to hunt.

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