Donald Trump planning victory tour through the states he won, but there’s one small problem

According to President-elect Donald Trump and his aides, Trump is enjoying the transition process and relishing the opportunity to revamp the executive branch. However, Trump’s aides have indicated that Trump will soon be taking some time to engage in an activity he has genuinely come to love during the presidential campaign: A series of rallies with his supporters.

According to Yahoo News:

“We’re working on a victory tour now; it will happen in the next couple of weeks,” Gigicos told reporters at Trump Tower on Thursday, per the presidential transition pool report.

Gigicos said Trump’s victory tour will start some time “after Thanksgiving.” He did not identify any of the places Trump plans to visit but said they would focus on “the swing states we flipped over” and other places where Trump scored wins on Election Day last week.

One potential complication in Trump’s victory tour is the Trump University fraud case, which is still scheduled for trial the week after Thanksgiving. Trump’s attorneys have asked the San Diego court that is holding the trial to postpone the trial until after Trump’s inauguration on January 20th, arguing that Trump does not have enough time during transition to hold the trial.

Trump’s attorneys have a hearing on this motion on Friday the leak of Trump’s planned victory tour will likely not amuse Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who himself has become the subject of unwelcome attention after being attacked by Trump on the campaign trail. If Judge Curiel denies the motion to postpone the trial, then the trial would almost definitely conflict with any planned victory tour by Trump.

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