Emergency AC Repair – What You Need to Know!

A failing air conditioning always happens at the worst time. The weather is scorching hot, yet your air condition has packed up. Fortunately, you can count on the emergency AC repair service of POE Air, who can send you a professional in no time at all!

Why Should I Choose Poe Air for Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs?

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Poe Air is one of the leading air conditioning repair services in Azle and the Forth Worth and surrounding areas. We provide customers with a comprehensive explanation of the repair procedure as well as detailed quotes for all repair work.

At Poe Air, we only work with licensed technicians who have a proven track record and plenty of experience. Our professionals are trained to deal with common as well as more complicated air conditioning problems, so you can count on us to provide the best possible repair.

Does Poe Air Provide Other Services Related to Air Conditioning?

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AC Repair

POE Air provides professional air conditioning repair, but we also provide installations, maintenance and other services relating to your air conditioning system. Of course, POE air can also assist with heating repair, maintenance, and installation.

What Are Common Air Conditioning Problems That Can Be Remedied With an Emergency AC Repair Service?

There are a number of common air conditioning problems that can be encountered. Below, we have listed some of the common problems we can remedy during an emergency repair service.

A Refrigerant Leak

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An air conditioning that is low on refrigerant or has a leak can cause some serious problems with your air conditioning unit. Low refrigerant in the air conditioning unit can lead to complications too; this includes frozen coils.

During a repair service, one of our technicians will test your air conditioning unit for leaks and fix the leak. Once the unit is fixed, he will also test the air conditioning unit to ensure maximum performance and efficiency.

A Lack of Maintenance Causes Health Issues

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AC Repair

Improper maintenance of your air conditioning unit can cause your air conditioning to become less effective. Dirty filters and coils reduce the efficiency of your AC and could even influence the functionality of your compressor and/or fans.

Obtaining the services of Poe Air for an annual maintenance ensures that your air conditioning unit stays in excellent condition. It can even prevent some more complicated problems somewhere down the line, saving you heaps of money in repair costs.

Electrical Failure Will Need Emergency AC Repair To Prevent A Disaster

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An air conditioning is still a complex electric system, which contains various parts that can fail or wear off. Common parts that can wear out are compressor and fan controls, this is often a problem with air conditioning systems that are too big. Homeowners can also encounter wire corrosion and problems with contacts and connections. Naturally, these are problems that should be fixed by a professional.

Problems with the Sensor

Air conditioning units interact with a thermostat sensor; this sensor is used to measure the temperature of the air that arrives at the evaporator coil. When the sensor no longer functions correctly, this sensor may have been knocked out of its position or it could be malfunctioning. Since this is a delicate part of the air conditioning system, professional assistance is required here too.

How Do I Make An Appointment for Air Conditioning Repair?

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Poe Air can provide you with a swift and efficient air conditioning repair service; this includes repair and installation too! If you want to make an appointment for an air conditioner repair, please contact our team via telephone and we will provide you with an emergency appointment.

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