Fall Pest Control: Expert Pest Prevention Tips

Pest problems can occur throughout the year, including in the fall. Fortunately, Apex Pest Control gives you all the fall pest control tips you need to prevent pest infestations. For some expert tips, be sure to read through our prevention tips below.

fall pest control

Find Potential Pest Entrances

Pests can enter your home in the most unusual ways. They do not only enter through and open windows or doors, but also small gaps in the brickwork. Therefore, it is essential to inspect the exterior of your home for any potential entrance points. During your fall pest control program, you should make sure to add your structure externally into your task list.

Since some pest entrances can be miniscule, it is best to mark the locations, just in case you cannot find them again later. One easy way to mask pest entrances is by using some simple masking tape. When it is time to seal the entrance, simply remove the masking tape and fill the opening.

fall pest control

Ensure Doors And Windows Are Sealed

Another common mistake that could lead to serious infestations in the fall is improperly sealed windows and doors. All doors and windows should be accompanied by weatherstripping, which will prevent the appearance of small openings through which pests can enter your home.

If you decide to install weather stripping yourself, make sure you clean all surfaces thoroughly first. If any dirt remains, then the weather stripping will not adhere properly to doors and windows. Subsequently, it could fall off when you need it most. Fortunately, there are plenty of DIY videos online that can tell you how to install weather stripping properly.

Take Care Of Crawl Spaces And Attics as Part of Your Fall Pest Control Program

Basements or more importantly crawl spaces, and attics can be prime environments for infestations. To prevent issues, you must make sure that your crawl space and attic are properly ventilated. You should also make sure that the attic and crawl space are dry, since moisture can be a prime attraction for the large majority of pests.

If your crawl space or attic has serious moisture problems, then you have to use a crawl space dehumidifier to regulate moisture levels in these spaces. If moisture problems keep occuring, it might be best to consider having your crawl space encapsulated to stop these issues and nagate moisture problems and infestations from termites and other wood damaging pests..

Eliminate Food Residue Around The Home

Apple fritter with bite missing on a white plate
Photographer: Charles "Duck" Unitas | Source: Unsplash

Aside from moisture, food residue around the home can also be a major attraction for pests. Naturally, some rooms are more likely to have food residue than others. The kitchen is a prime example.

How many times have you cooked dinner and accidentally dropped a few crumbs of something on the floor? Do you always clean up small food residue immediately, or do you leave it a little too long? Simple things like this could cause infestations in your North Carolina home.

In addition to keeping food residue outside of your home, you should also remove garbage from your kitchen bins as soon as possible. Ideally, you want to take the bins out every day before going to bed.

Finally, make sure you store all food in closed and sealed containers. For example, if you have a selection of nuts laying around on your kitchen counters, they are best stored in a sealed container. The same applies to other foods such as fruits and other snacks.

Pay Attention To Pet Dishes

Many people leave pet food out, possibly in the kitchen or living room. Unfortunately, accessible pet food is another attraction to a variety of pests, this ranges from insects to rodents. Nowadays, you can get a number of different accessories to ensure food does not lay out in the open. Automatic pet feeders are the best option these days. And while they are an investment, they can save you hundreds in preventing pest infestations.

Get Some Assistance

Do you believe there might be a pest infestation inside your home? Be sure to ask for some professional help. Apex Pest Control can help you with any pest infestation, but also provide you with helpful advice on how to prevent pest infestations in the future. Discrete and fast, that is the Apex Pest Control guarantee.

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