Fire engulfs car — exploding tires and air bags

Wednesday afternoon, en route to cover another story, we came upon a car burning on the side of the road in Wilmington, Delaware. TheBlaze arrived on the scene before police and fire departments.

We recorded raw footage, catching the fire destroying the entire front end of the vehicle, exploding tires and air bags as we watched.

Fortunately, the car’s owner was able to exit the vehicle uninjured just as the fire started.

Image source: TheBlaze / Mike Opelka

TheBlaze/Mike Opelka

The fire was totally extinguished within minutes of the arrival of the Claymont Fire Company. However, significant damage had already been done and the car appears to be a total loss.

Image source: TheBlaze / Mike Opelka

TheBlaze/Mike Opelka

Watch the scene.

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