Five Survival Tools a Survivalist Should Not Be Without

Being stuck out in the wilderness can be very dangerous and life threatening, unless you have a few things on you that could be of use. As a survivalist, you should always be prepared for anything that could happen out there. There are a number of different things you could keep on your person as a tool to survive. So let’s talk about what five things a survivalist should not be without while in the wild.


First things first, you need water to survive. No matter who you are, if you’re a breathing being, you need water. Which is why it is always good to have a LifeStraw, or some sort of water filtration straw. They cost about twenty bucks a piece, and that’s not bad for something that makes dirty water drinkable. It also beats having to boil water and dealing with all that fun stuff. The straw just saves time and energy.


The next item on the survival list would have to be something to start a fire to prevent you from freezing and to cook your food. This doesn’t have to be any specific item, it could be just an average lighter or a book of matches. It could also be a flintstone fire starter, but a great item you can get is the kirkland solar magnifier and fire. It is just a stainless steel lighter with a magnifying glass so if the sun is out you could easily create a fire. If you worry about rainy, cloudy weather and your lighter not working, then just stick with a flintstone.


Another thing a survivalist should not be without is a weapon of some kind. This can be any weapon, but it’s better to have a smaller sized weapon so it’s easier to hold. You could use a knife, hatchet, or even a machete. Those all would be nice melee weapons to protect yourself from animals, but you also need a weapon that could be used for other things too, like building or cutting down branches. There is a product that has multiple functions, and that item in the zippo 4­in­1 Woodsman tool; It has a hatchet for a melee weapon or to chop down trees. It also has a saw, a mallet side, and a stake puller for pulling stakes out of your tent.


Which brings me to my next item, shelter. Once you have drinkable water, food, and a weapon to protect you and maybe get you that food, you now need a place to bring all that good stuff back to enjoy it. Obviously you can use any tent you want, as long as it protects you from rain and keeps you out of the wind. The only problem with a tent is that they can be heavy, and extra weight just makes you more tired. Another item you could use to carry with you could be just a plain tarp. They are cheap, easy to carry, and very durable. The only problem with using a tarp is that it won’t protect you from all the wind and rain. That also means bugs will be able to get to you as well, so the choice is up to you on what to carry.


The fifth item that should be carried by a survivalist is debatable, considering this is an article only about five things. Many survivalist will have different items, and one of them is a light source. You need a light to see when you’re working or whatever it is you may be doing, and you also could use light as a signal. Many people could debate and choose another item to

carry, but a nice, bright LED is very helpful. You can see bright as day in the night using one and they could signal maybe a nearby boat or car depending on the situation.

There are other items that could be added to the list, but these five seem perfect for most types of situations. If things got real and you had to see what you absolutely need, these five items will help you fight all the harmful elements of the wilderness. All of these are easy to get and not too expensive. So when it comes to life and death of surviving in the wild, a survivalist should always have these five items on their list.

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