Flea Infestation In Your Home

flea infestation
flea infestation

Having a flea infestation in your home can be devastating. Not only does it cause your pets a severe amount of discomfort, you can suffer flea bites too. Some fleas are disease carriers as well, so keeping your home free of fleas is incredibly important.

Not many pet owners realize that there are some ways to prevent flea outbreaks in the home. Preventative flea treatments for pets are certainly a part of that, but there are other things you can do to keep your home flea free. To find out how, please read the information below.

Get Your Garden in Check

Get Your Garden In Order

Many pet owners have a home with a yard, but this can cause problems where flea and tick infestations are considered. Overgrown and messy gardens are prime targets for feral wildlife, which usually suffer from flea infestations. There are also more places for ticks and other critters to hide, causing your pet serious discomfort down the line.

Keeping your garden maintained is key to flea prevention. Keep bushes trimmed and make sure to seal off any places where feral wildlife can hide; this includes crawl spaces and garages. If you do decide to plant some shrubbery in your garden, make sure you plant them away from your home.

It is also important not to attract local wildlife. While it may be tempting to leave a food bowl outside for feral foxes, raccoons, possums, and other wild animals, they can be a breeding ground for fleas and other harmful critters. Thus, do not leave any food outside and keep your bins protected.

Use Preventative Measures & Stop A Flea Infestation Before It Happens

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One of the most effective preventative measures against flea infestations is using a preventative flea treatment from Hostguard. Hostguard provides more natural products to deal with fleas, enabling you and your pet to avoid harmful chemicals. If you are looking for a preventative flea treatment for your pets, be sure to check with Hostguard first!

Clean Your Home

flea infestation
Flea Infestation

Before we elaborate, we must mention that a clean home can still encounter flea infestations. So, if you do suffer a flea infestation, it does not mean your home is dirty. However, there are some tricks you can implement to minimize the chance of infestations.

When cleaning your home for flea prevention reasons, you must pay special attention to certain areas in the home. Carpets and throw rugs are especially susceptible, so make sure you hoover at least once a week to keep them free of flea eggs, larvae, or pupae.

While most of us cover the center of the room quite thoroughly, fleas and other nasties are more likely to hide in the little corners of the room; this can include underneath furniture, on the

baseboards, and underneath cushions. So, when you clean your home to prevent flea infestation, be sure to pay special attention to those places.

Even though flea infestations cannot always be prevented, especially if you have numerous pets, implementing these simple measures can reduce the chances of infestations dramatically.

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