From The Wilderness to Scole Swansong – Part 3

July 2007. Off we drove to Antequera, feeling quite excited! As an afterthought before we left, Sandra gathered all of the crystals we used on the central table of our Scole sittings to take with us. We pre-booked a room at the historical Hostal Colon Antequera and after a long, hot journey, arrived just before lunchtime.

We unpacked and left the crystals in their bag on the table in our room whilst we went out to find somewhere to eat. As we traveled towards El Torcal, a mountain and local national park, we thought it might fit the bill for the 'mountain' clue we had previously received from Spirit.

On the way, we spotted a restaurant just off the road. When we checked to see if it was open, we noticed a 'Closed' sign on the door. Thankfully, an elderly gentleman leaned out of an upstairs window and indicated that he would cook us a meal if we went in, which we happily did. The food looked and tasted delicious and, whilst we sat there happily eating (Sandra was facing the window and I had my back to it), Sandra suddenly yelled, “Oh my God!”

I instantly turned around to see what was going on and saw literally hundreds of goats with bells on, meandering their way down the hill just yards from the restaurant! Despite this evidential message coming true, we still did not realise that what Spirit had been trying to tell us was that the restaurant we were eating in was the actual property that Spirit wanted us to have for the our new international centre for physical mediumship and research. (It would be another eight years before the penny dropped and we finally knew for certain that part the restaurant was destined to play a role in our future plans and work.)

We continued on from the restaurant, passed a camp site shortly afterwards (another of the clues) and drove up Torcal Mountain for the very first time. This mountain is quite magical, with amazing natural rock sculptures from when it existed under the sea millions of years ago.

We have since discovered that the Torcal is a sacred mountain which contains a portal to other dimensions. The village sitting at the back of the Torcal had experienced more UFO sightings than anywhere else in Spain.

We returned to our hostel to discover that the bag of crystals that we had brought with us had been emptied and the crystals had been laid out on the table in the exact formation we had used during our Scole sittings!

Following the Clues in Antequera

Next morning, after sampling a special Antequera 'mollete' flat bread filled with bacon and egg – another clue – when I went to retrieve the car, it was gone. I parked it in front of a building site where I thought it would be safe overnight, only to find that the site was in full swing and our car had been towed away!

After paying a €64 euro fine, we set off to explore the area and found Lobo Wolf Park where wolves live effectively in the wild. In the nearby village of Fuente de Piedra, we discovered a lake and facilities for studying the hundreds of Flamingos that nested there. There was a famous gorge not far away, spanned by a flimsy rope-bridge style crossing (yet another clue).

On the outskirts of Antequera, there was a single mountain that stood alone and could be seen for miles around. Its top appeared to show the head of a Native American Indian, lying down and sleeping. This was known locally as 'The Sleeping Indian' and the mountain actually has a cave in it.

scole to torcal
‘The Sleeping Indian’ Antequera- Image: Hugolezgo, Pixabay

We visited the three 7000-year old tombs known as the Dolmens of El Romeral, Mengha and Viera. There was no sign of a well in the tomb but when we returned on a subsequent visit to Antequera, we discovered that a well had been excavated in the Dolmen, and was now visible to the public. Another accurate clue!

Establishing the Ideal Circle

Upon returning home from our first visit, we hosted sittings each Tuesday in our apartment with two like-minded people we had met, Colin and Irene Louis. Between those sessions, we sat on our own and the main results came when there were just the two of us.

In early August 2007, we experienced phenomena such as whistles and small spirit lights. For example, I saw a dull spirit light shoot up out of the central table and Spirit interfered with the CD player, stopping it for several seconds on a number of occasions.

Colin and Irene later moved to Mollina, a village close to Antequera, and we lost touch with them until the following Christmas when we stayed with them in their new home. In the meantime, Sandra and I continued to sit together once a week with varying results.

Early in 2008, we received a telephone call from a lady living nearby who was interested in sitting in a circle. She called us in answer to an advert for sitters which we had not placed. This led to us meeting Alison and John Formosa – a young couple who had moved to Spain from Cardiff in Wales about three years before we moved here. We rapidly made good friends with them and their two children.

Throughout the following years, we recruited all sorts of different sitters to establish which of them would be ideal for the circle we needed to help us develop the independent voice and teleportation phenomena we were looking for. Sandra and I continued to sit together regularly, but there was little further development at that early stage.

Whenever we had a private sitting, mainly with mediums who did not know us too well, we usually received repeated messages about the centre we would open, with encouragement from Spirit that it all would happen 'when the time was right'.

The Spanish Adventure Resumes

In August 2008, Tom and Linda Anderson returned to Spain for a holiday in Mazarron, some 70 miles south of us. We met up with them for a meal in a Chinese restaurant which turned out to be quite an experience!

In fully lit conditions and without any of us touching it, the restaurant table started to move around all over the place! This continued for the whole meal and the Chinese waiters who stood and watched us, obviously wondered what on earth was going on, as the table kept moving 6 to 8 feet away from its original position. We all thought that was quite hilarious!

After the meal, we returned to their hotel for a coffee and sat outside on the terrace overlooking a golf course. All of a sudden, I spotted a static bright light in the dark night sky which was clearly not an airliner.

As we all watched this mysterious light, it shot off into the distance at what appeared to be a supersonic speed. Then it split into three different lights before joining up again and rapidly traveling back in our direction to hover even closer to us.

Together we all shouted, “Blimey – it's a UFO!” As soon as we said this, the light in the sky shot off again – at breakneck speed – and disappeared over the horizon.

At the same time, the wrought iron table in our midst started jumping up and down without any of touching it. We took this as confirmation from Spirit that we had indeed seen a UFO!

You Will Know the Right Place When You See Eagles

Image by Brigitte, Pixabay

In 2008, Tim Coleman's documentary was also coming together nicely and we viewed the first ten segments on August 8th. We liked what we saw and excitedly anticipated the final cut, which was released as 'The Afterlife Investigations'. This documentary alone has been the one thing that has sparked much interest amongst the public about physical mediumship.

By October 2008, we decided to change our car. The Toyota Yaris had no air conditioning which is vital in Spain so we bought a second-hand Volkswagen Passat estate car. We flew back to the UK to collect it and drove back to Spain via France where we stayed with good friends Brian and Heather Russell who we met on a package tour holiday to the Greek Island of Rhodes. We were the only four people on the tour that were staying in a particular hotel and were all amazed to discover that we had similar interests in psychic research!

Brian was a developing mental medium at the time and is now developing excellent physical mediumship abilities. Whilst in Brian and Heather's home, we told them all about our messages from Spirit and how we were looking for a suitable premises in Antequera.

Brian suddenly said, “You will know the right place when you see eagles flying over it.” Several years later, when the restaurant near Torcal came up for sale, we pulled into its parking area to have a closer look. As we got out of our car and looked upwards, there were two golden eagles flying overhead!

Witnessing the Impossible & More Spiritual Adventures

Ever since first arriving in Spain, I had been in the process of writing my second book 'Witnessing the Impossible', a lengthy hardback which is the only true and complete record of every sitting of the Scole Experimental Group from 1993 to 1998. I had typeset the book myself and arranged its printing privately at Biddles printers in King's Lynn, Norfolk.

On November 17th 2008, I was happy to learn that my book was finished. Copies of 'Witnessing the Impossible' were then delivered to the home of our friend Martin Marshall in Kessingland, East Anglia, who had kindly agreed to store them for me and send them on to customers. Martin had sat with us at Scole for a while after the 'experiment' had finished and was showing signs of possible deep trance himself.

Christmas provided a happy break for us. On the way home from Antequera in late December 2009, we called in to see various friends including Hylton and Rose Thompson at Nerja, near Malaga. Both had been active members of the Noah's Ark Society, which I personally founded in 1990.

We chatted to them at length about Spirit's plans for us to open a Centre for Physical Mediumship at Antequera. Between us, we arranged to host a one-day seminar about Scole and physical phenomena at Nerja in late January 2009. A couple of Hylton's friends offered to help us book up a room and arrange catering.

We also knew of Kai Muegge from the days of the Ark, although we had not yet met him. Kai was happy to travel from his home in Germany to talk about his own experiences and the encouraging phenomena he experienced during his development of deep-trance physical mediumship through his experimental 'Felix Group' (home circle).

The Nerja seminar proved to be a very enjoyable day and created much interest in the unique field of physical mediumship and physical phenomena. There was an instant rapport between Sandra and I with Kai when we met him. To me, he felt like a 'spiritual brother' that I had known all my life. Such a lovely, genuine man. That fraternal feeling between us and Kai exists to this day – and we have enjoyed many spiritual adventures together since then.

In Part 4, momentum builds in a series of significant sittings with mind-blowing manifestations of extraordinary physical phenomena. Seatbelts on!

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