From The Wilderness To Scole Swansong – Pt 2

A compelling series about how direct guidance from Spirit created the Spiritual Science Foundation in Spain.

By Robin P Foy

scole experiment

The Road To Guardamar

In early 2004, Sandra began to receive crystal clear clairvoyant and clairaudient messages again. Whilst she sat quietly during her night-shift job in a Diss electronics factory, she kept getting a recurring message which constantly told her to 'move to Spain'.

At the same time, I clairaudiently received a single word from Spirit: 'Guardamar'. I had not heard this name before, but when I researched it, I discovered that it was the name of a place – 'Guardamar del Segura' – a small resort on the Costa Blanca in Spain. We were due to go to a mountain town near Barcelona for a break to celebrate our Silver Wedding (25 years) anniversary in April 2004, and decided to look at some properties near Guardamar whilst we were there.

Psychically, we were led to an advert for small new apartments being built in Formentera del Segura, a village just 7 minutes drive away from Guardamar, and made an appointment to view them. We had a problem in that we were unable to get out of our hotel early enough to be on time for the 250-mile drive South because the hotel owner locked up the property overnight. However, despite arriving two hours late, we did get our viewing, and it was actually in Formentera del Segura that we finally came to live in December 2006!

After making a firm decision to actually move there, we felt pretty sure that Spirit really did want us close to Guardamar on the Costa Blanca, Spain for some reason. We no longer looked for any new circle members for our Scole group, but nevertheless continued to sit together as a duet on a weekly basis.

Sandra's clairvoyance developed naturally during this period, and she often came out with names and places that were indicated to her as being relevant to us and our future work. When I researched these after a sitting, it was amazing just how accurate and evidential much of this information from Spirit was!

On December 4th 2006, we crossed the English Channel by Ferry in Sandra's small Toyota Yaris, having previously disposed of my old Volvo Estate Car. The car was packed to the gunwales with the last of our belongings, and having just left a tiny space right in the back for our beloved black cat Cookie.

We arrived at our tiny apartment in Formentera del Segura on the Spanish Costa Blanca in the late afternoon of December 6th 2006. It was January 2007 before we started to once again sit together (as a duo) on a weekly basis.

Assurance that Scole Work Would Live On

Early in March 2007, we were contacted by physical mediums Tom and Linda Anderson, a Glasgow-based husband and wife team known as the 'Freedom of Spirit' group. They had been getting amazing physical phenomena for some time and contacted us whilst we were still living at Scole but were unable to visit us before we left.

Consequently, Tom and Linda asked us if they could come and stay with us in Formentera del Segura for a week and share some sittings for our benefit. They told us that the phenomena they were now getting was energy-based, similar to some of the phenomena we had enjoyed during the 'Scole Experiment', including independent voice and teleported 'solid' spirit visitors. We were therefore very happy to have them as guests, even though we had not met them before.

During the week that Tom and Linda stayed with us, we had three sittings.

It was very clear that their physical phenomena was excellent – and quite advanced. We experienced some spirit lights, levitations of their two trumpets and a heavy table. There were apports of crystal clusters. Very quickly too, there was 'direct voice' from the trumpets and 'independent voice' from a number of different communicators.

These included several of the spirit guides and helpers from 'the Scole Experiment' whose voices were uknown to the two mediums but instantly recognised by us. The well-known, beloved guides and helpers from our Scole days assured us that our work would definitely carry on!

The loud independent voices also included those of past physical mediums Gordon Higginson and Helen Duncan. We had known Gordon Higginson in his lifetime, and immediately recognised his voice.

An evidential aspect of this voice communication was the fact that whilst the spirit voices were speaking, the two mediums joined in. The sittings took place in our tiny spare bedroom and there had been absolutely no opportunity whatsoever for the mediums to prepare for the sittings in that room. This meant there was no question that everything that took place was absolutely 100% genuine!

During the three sessions in our home, we also chatted to the likes of Winston Churchill (Sandra and I had enjoyed connections with him through many other groups and circles since 1975); Thomas Edison; John Lennon and George Harrison. Karen Carpenter and Al Jolson sang for us. Maria Callas also sang in her beautiful trained operatic voice. Her singing was literally so loud, it could have been heard two streets away!

Our late friend Anne Child (who was totally unknown to the mediums) spoke independently and gave some very evidential information to Sandra.

We had many touches from teleported spirit people. What really impressed us was the fact that these solid spirit visitors included our parents: my mother spoke to me in her vary familiar earthly voice; my father signed his name exactly as he did during his lifetime, and – amazingly – the little ET we knew as Blue from our Scole days was teleported into the room in a solid form.

Just as he had done at Scole on previous occasions, Blue stood in front of us and lifted our hands onto his head, so we could feel his face and check that it felt identical to the way we remembered it.

We thoroughly enjoyed these three sittings with the Andersons and arranged to share a gite (cottage) near Carcasonne in the South of France, just one month later. Whilst there, we had another two sittings that were extremely evidential. Since the owners of the gite lived in the next door house, we had to politely ask Maria Callas to lower her voice when she again sang for us so that the gite owners would not hear the singing!

Interpreting Clues To The New Spiritual Centre

However, the most significant thing to come out of all five sittings with the Andersons was that our Scole Spirit Team repeatedly told us that our work must go on, and that Spirit wanted us to open a specialist centre in Spain for Physical Mediumship and Physical Phenomena.

They also told us that the actual premises they wanted us to use would eventually become self-evident. While refusing to tell us exactly where this centre would be, they offered us several 'clues' so we could work the area out for ourselves. This is what we were given:

The place would be inland from the 'Costa del Sol'.

The name of the town began with an 'A'.

There were tombs that were thousands of years old.

There was a well.

There was a natural spring.

There had been many UFO sightings.

There was an important mountain, where there was a portal.

There were very unusual rock formations.

There was a 'Sleeping Indian'.

There was a castle.

Close by was a lake and nesting area for Flamingos.

It was close to an area where wolves were kept.

It was close to a 'camp'.

There was a ley line connected to magnetic energy. Not actually in a town, but very close.

Interesting Bridge close by.

Special bread roll made in the town.

Statue of a King with a robe and jagged crown.

A special drink was brewed close by.

The property would be specially selected by Spirit.

There was a cave in a mountain.

Many Spanish people would become involved in the experiments.

There were Roman remains in the town.

The town had many very old churches and convents.

The town had historically been occupied by many settlers from abroad.

It was not long before I started to investigate the clues. At this stage, my geographical knowledge of Spain was not brilliant, but after much searching, I discovered that the only place in Spain that fitted almost all of the clues was Antequera in Andalucia. In the 12 years since the sittings with the Andersons, we have had dozens of evidential confirmations from Spirit that Antequera is the place!

After our sittings with the Andersons in Spain and France in 2007, we were rather excited about what we might find in Antequera, which lies about 260 miles south of our current home on the Costa Blanca. We wanted to visit the area as soon as possible in order to explore and booked a three-day visit in July of the same year.

Before the visit, however, we returned to the UK to see the family. Whilst we were there (and knowing that she was usually booked up for months in advance) Sandra got in touch with the extremely evidential mental medium Alexia Green, who lives in Stowmarket, Suffolk to see if she had any dates available for a private reading.

Surprise, surprise! Alexia just had a single cancellation and was able to fit Sandra in. Her reading was quite amazing and contained confirmation about our starting a special centre in Antequera for physical mediumship and its phenomena.

Sandra's mum communicated the information. She told us there was a sanctuary nearby for exotic birds – 'Flamingos'. She also described exactly how to get to Antequera (“Go down the coast to Malaga – turn 90 degrees inland, and travel for 25 miles.”) This was fantastic and accurate evidence, as Sandra's mum knew nothing in her lifetime about Spain and, in fact, was not at all in favour of afterlife communication!

My mum-in-law added that we must carefully read and act on the small print when we bought this property (now we know exactly why, because the property is technically an 'illegal build'). Of course, we had absolutely no idea of just exactly where this property might be in, or near, Antequera.

The final 'coup de grace' from Sandra's mum was that Spirit wanted us to visit the area on certain dates in July (which proved to be the exact dates we had already booked for our visit), and that we were to “Look out for the goats with the bells”.

In Part 3 of this article, we learn exactly how Spirit brought the Spiritual Science Foundation into being, why they guided Robin and Sandra to choose a particular property to buy and turn into a special centre for physical mediumship and its phenomena.

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