Has Physical Mediumship Really Changed?

I've heard many opinions as to how Physical Mediumship can be brought into the light, and how times have changed.

physical mediumship

But have they?

When nature is left to its own devices, does it change because change is possible, or does it follow the path that nature intended?

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Some will say that there's a medium that can do x, y and even z in so and so conditions, so we must all be able to do the same, but the truth, if that's what we are really getting to, is that none of us are the same, we never have been, and never will be, so an arbitrary solution to development for all people can surely not be viable.

A Medium's Development

There is a caveat, and that is, if the medium's development has been achieved by allowing the process to unfold naturally, then I advocate it happening, as the team working with their medium intended it to happen this way.

However, are we right to set the course ourselves, when we have nothing more than an idea as to what our true potential maybe? Or should we allow ourselves to be subservient to the power of our spirit, to flow with it, rather than against it?

We can train trees to grow into forms that are pleasing to the eye,  but what is more beautiful than watching it unfold naturally?

The same can be said for our Physical Mediumship.

I wonder if in times past, did the seers, the holy men, the tribal elders and medicine men, of the numerous civilizations around the world, restrict their true nature in the way that we seem intent on doing, or did they follow their intuition?

The Spirit World will work with what they have available, and with whatever restrictions are placed upon them, ie what you and I demand of them, according to what WE want them to do. But are we not wiser to remove the shackles from them, to give them an unrestricted vehicle with which to express ourselves.?

Photographer: Evie S. | Source: Unsplash

Has nature decided that seeds are better germinated in the light, or indeed, that children are now better carried outside of the comfort of the mother's womb? Science can find many ways to replicate or produce an alternative to a naturally occurring process, but never forget, nature did it first, as it was meant to be.

We often quote the "pioneers" like Leslie Flint, Alec Harris, Minnie Harrison, and when I think about why they were undoubtedly successful Physical Mediums, they all had one thing in common, and that is, they allowed themselves to be GUIDEd by Spirit. They sat, they were committed, they were patient.

In some ways, they were reluctantly sitting to develop. By all accounts, they were humble, at times they doubted themselves and maybe sometimes they even doubted Spirit, but they understood, or at the very least, they allowed nature ( their true path ) to unfold naturally.

Maybe it is the person who is the quietest, that really has the most to say. Through their contemplation and in the silence, they discover their calling, and conversely, those who shout from the rooftops, are the ones that may have the most to learn.

I don't for one second, believe that any form of mediumship should be fashioned into something you want it to be. I truly believe that to serve ourselves and Spirit to the fullest extent, we must allow our development to unfold without imposing any restrictions upon it. I wonder how many people in our community, who would be described as average ability Clairvoyants or Psychics, would be first-class Healers or Physical Mediums if they worked to their potential and not their wants?

The tree is happy being a tree because it's embracing its true nature, so this must also be true for us if we let it.

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