Healing the Energy of Our Homes

Our home environment is a direct reflection of our overall energetic state of being and by clearing and elevating the energy of our home environment, we are then able to support the health and well-being of ourselves, family members, flatmates and pets who co-exist there with us. There are many things that we can begin to do today to help clear and elevate the energy of our home environment that will make a wonderful difference to our health and happiness. Restoring energetic harmony to each room in the home will immediately begin to raise the quality of the energy within the whole home environment. As we spend many hours within the sanctuary of our home, we will greatly benefit from the higher vibrational energy that emanates and circulates there.

Security, Safety and Sanctuary

When we feel safe and secure within a harmonious environment, our home becomes our sanctuary where our energy and vitality can begin to expand and rejuvenate in the comfort of our ‘happy place.’ If we don’t feel safe and secure and live in a home environment that’s less that harmonious because the natural energy flow is affected by things like clutter, darker areas with no natural light or in need of general repair, and other areas that require greater care and attention, then the overall energy within the home environment lowers its vibrational resonance. This lower energy can directly influence and empathically affect each family member. In this sense, each person’s disposition affects the overall energy of the home environment, and the ‘home’s energy’ keeps their disposition and patterns of behavior locked into place due to the direct match of their vibrational frequencies. Like energy attracts like energy is another way to describe this.

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It’s therefore most beneficial to make supportive changes within the household that will bring greater energetic balance and harmony to the home environment. This will not only raise the vibrational frequency of the home; it will also help to raise the vibrational frequency of each person who lives there. Family members and pets who have a faster, lighter and clearer vibration, will instantly begin to make transformational changes that will bless and support all aspects of their life experience – health, joy, creativity, harmonious relationships with others, and greater levels of abundance as new opportunities present themselves.

House clearing/home healing is very similar to the Chinese art of Feng Shui, which has been around for more that 4,000 years. Feng Shui is based upon the flow of energy (chi) throughout the home environment, including the garden/land. The difference with energy clearing/home healing, is that energetic adjustments can be done via prayer and other easy space clearing techniques.

Illness and Emotional Stress

Illness resonates at specific vibrational frequencies (disease frequencies) that create energetic disturbances within our personal fields. Some of these disease frequencies are energetically mirrored into our home environment. Personal clearings, combined with a house clearing, offers a powerful approach that helps to transform disease frequencies and restore harmony and joy back to both our physical equilibrium and home environment.

Check out this partial list of some low vibrational aspects found within the home environment:

EMFs – non-beneficial electromagnetic fields that can interfere with our personal fields and over time can weaken our immune system.

Clutter – even a small amount of clutter can have a draining effect upon our body’s vital energy because clutter interferes with the flow of natural energy (chi) that moves throughout the home. Clutter that’s never used and just continuously sits in the home, leads to energetic stagnation and interferes with our soul’s creative expression. Lack of creative expression leads to issues with limitation and abundance.

Areas lacking natural light – basements or windows that are hidden, blocked, or sealed up, or windows with the curtains constantly closed.

Plumbing issues and leaks – water leaks represent our emotional health and our lymphatic system. It’s important to have any leaks or dripping taps repaired.

Electrical issues – electrical issues mirror problems with our nervous system and can also be a sign (not always) of earthbound spirits within the property.

Doors that don’t open – these represent areas of our life that we have some energetic resistance and limitations. Are we willing to stay in the same old limitations with the same situations repeating themselves, or are we willing to take charge of the situation and make any necessary changes that support us?

healing the energy of our homes
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The good news is that you are able to make beneficial changes within your home environment from today, simply by starting with de-cluttering. You will be amazed at the difference you will feel in body (vitality) and mind (clarity) by doing so. Making other repairs and bringing more light into the home will also help you to raise the vibration of the home environment. This, in turn, supports your vibrational frequency and when your frequency becomes faster than the frequency of ‘disease frequencies,’ you will begin to transform your health and wellbeing from inside out. Why? Because a higher vibration will always transform a lower one.

If you are sick, its common sense and important that you always seek the help of a licensed medical doctor, yet you can also begin to help yourself by understanding that everything is energy and all energy can be transformed. You may also decide to seek professional help from an energy expert and healer who works with house clearings/home healings, or even choose to learn more about them in order to do this creative work for yourself and others.

Typically, what you always want to do is bring more vibrant energy back into the home environment. You can do this through bringing in more natural sunlight and using other forms of lighting in any areas that are dark and stagnant. You can open windows daily to bring in fresh air. You can introduce some bright or lighter colors to the home (furnishings) and use some uplifting artwork to help clear and transform previous, lower vibrations.

You can also use the power of prayer to bless the home and to raise the levels of love within the home to the highest appropriate level that will support all of the people and pets that live there.

“I ask the highest forces of Divine Love and Light to please raise the levels of love within this home to the highest appropriate level to help support myself, my family and our pets, for our greatest and highest good and the greatest good of all concerned. Thank you. Amen. It is done!”

Joanne Brocas is a world-renowned healer, intuitive and #1 bestselling author of Angel Prayers. To find out more about Joanne’s home clearing/home healing treatments, online classes and courses, visit http://www.joannebrocas.com.

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