How To Improve Heating Efficiency

What is heating efficiency? We all like to be comfortable and warm during the winter, but what happens if your heating bill is stressing you out? It may cause you to turn the heating down or off, leaving you less than comfortable. Fortunately, there is a solution! By increasing the efficiency of your heating system, you can save loads on your heating bill. Wondering what the best tips are to increase your heating's efficiency? Check out some of our top tips below!

Check The Loft

One of the biggest problems for your heating system is your loft. Studies have shown that a lot of the heat in your home is lost through the loft, so ensuring that none of the heat can escape there should be a priority.

There are several ways to prevent the loss of heat in the loft. One of the most prominent ones is insulation. In fact, having a properly insulated loft could save you over $200 a year in heating, so it is well worth investing in.

Give Your Boiler An Upgrade

An outdated boiler reduces heating efficiency considerably. In fact, it could cost you as much as a loft without the proper insulation.

Upgrading your boiler is the first step towards better heating efficiency. It will even do more than saving you money, since getting a better boiler also reduces your carbon emissions.

Invest In Good Curtains

Something as simple as a thick set of curtains can also save money on your heating bill. By hanging thicker thermal curtains in your home, you can prevent heat escaping around your windows. It helps to insulate your windows and doors further, so if you do not have the budget for a new boiler, thicker curtains can help you save too.

Wasted Energy?

Heating can take up a large chunk of your utility bills, but there are other reasons why your utility bill may be high. For example, if your heating system is connected to the electrical grid, then you should have a look at all the electricals you use inside your home.

Computers, televisions, and even gaming consoles that are left on when they are not being used can add a considerable amount to your utility bill. You could even be leaving lights during the night, which you don't really need. So, when your heating system is already efficient, check out some of the other causes of a high utility bill.


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