How to Pick the Right Shotgun

If you are reading this you must be interested in shotguns, whether you want a gun for hunting small game or to keep your family safe the shotgun is by far one of the best weapons to have. Before you can start looking at shotguns there are a few key questions that you have to ask yourself. The first one is whether you can legally own one, each state will have specific licensing requirements so you need to check with your local police department if you are not sure just to be on the right side of the law.

choosing a shotgun

Which Gauge of Shotgun is Right for You

Regardless of which brand you chose the shotgun is broken own into a variety of gauges. These “gauges” provie some valueable insight into what type of application is the right one for the shotgun. A .410 shotgun is perfect for hunting small game like partridge. This gun has a small spread but is great when trying to reduce the amount of damage done to the body of the bird. A 12 gauge is great for protetion or taking down big game in close quarters. One of the primary reasons that people use a 12 gauge for protection is the sheer stoping power and since it spreads the risk of it going into another room in a building is greatly reduced. The 20 gauge is suitable for hunting mid-sized game like deer so you have a good range of options available. Along with the gauge of the gun you have to pick the right shell size. The lower the shell number the tigher the spread with the number 1 shell commonly referred to as a “slug” which is used for incredible stopping power, there is not much that will stand after getting hit with a big chunk of lead.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing a Shotgun

Crime rates are on the rise so even if you are not into hunting you should think about protecting your family. A shotgun can stop criminals from breaking into your home. Another benefit of using a shotgun instead of a handgun is the shotgun is much larger so you never have to worry about children taking it to school. Just make sure that you participate in the state endorsed training programs and all members in your family do the same. If everyone knows how to handle the firearm then there is nothing to worry about. You cannot put a pricetag on peace of mind which is what a shotgun provides.

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