How Would You Survive

If you are a person that harbours an interest in Survival and Hunting, then you will not be a Dual Survival Virgin or a Naked and Afraid Virgin. These shows have captivated millions and helped drive interest in learning survival and hunting skills. More and more people are turning to the outdoors, either to fulfill the wild person within or to develop skills just in case.

We decided that we would put forward the same premise for discussion and ask you what specific two tools would you take into a survival situation and why? We will give you one tool that you can have such as a knife or Para Cord. What would you take?

The First Stages – Water

One of the things that we have noticed is that in most of the episodes where an individual becomes dehydrated, they always seem to make bad choices and go ahead and drink the polluted water. A decision that could almost cause a life to end, and considering the survivalist knows the inherent dangers, why do they never get the most important things done first to guarantee their survival.

What is the best tool to use

Another consideration is the tools that you would take. What you consider is the best tool that you would need. There will be a need to hunt and to gather fuel, build a shelter, purify water and also protection. It becomes a bit of a challenge to choose wisely as you never really know what situation you will be in at any one time.

Let’s see what you guys would take and why?

We would love to get a conversation going here and begin to delve into what everyone would take and the reasons why. We would like to see what you consider to be the most valuable and how you could harness the power of your tool. We will feature everyone’s answer in some way on a new article or presentation.

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