It Takes A Conscious Pull Of The Trigger

With all the tragedy going on with the loss of life due to the actions of rogue gunmen, it has been the catalyst for politicians and gun control advocacy groups to flex their muscles and raise their voices in protest. You even have Obama considering another executive action and Hillary making a comparison between the NRA and Terror groups.

Let’s perhaps take a step back and look at the real basis for gun control. Obviously, we agree that stronger gun control is needed to ensure that Gun’s do not fall in the wrong hands and that law abiding citizens do not lose their second amendment rights.

The events over the last year are terrible and we are sorry that so many innocent people  have lost their lives because of the actions and choices of individuals that should never have access to Gun’s let alone be allowed to have one. However, one thing that is quite apparent ids the fact it is the “nut behind the butt.”

The Nut Behind The Butt


It takes a conscious decision to pull a trigger – a fact that seems to escape the minds of those within the Gun Control Advocacy groups. One man or woman has to make that conscious decision to pull the trigger. The truth is that a firearm is just a load of inert parts that have to be put together and then loaded with another part before it can even become dangerous and this action does take a conscious decision. 

It would therefore, seem that perhaps the only way to negate these heinous crimes is to find a way that works for both camps to measure and act upon someone’s mental capacity to own a firearm. This has to be done in a way that will not interfere with the Second Amendment rights but be stringent enough to reduce the risks of unstable individuals getting a gun. 

It is obviously going to be a difficult task as there are more conflictions with this form of investigation into a personality. Some people will claim that it is an infringement of privacy and so you may actually have a greater problem trying to convince the groups that push anti- privacy laws and regulations. How else are we to control the registration of guns under gun laws that still support the rights of people to bear arms under the second amendment. No matter what arguments are put forth, there is equally enough pro and against gun laws and politicians will always jump into the argument for a self-serving agenda.

It should be time to pull together, settle differences that we have on the podium and find a way to stop gun violence against innocents, legislate control in a way that causes no friction to the gun rights of American citizens and deal with big



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