Law Aiding Gun Owner Shot By Cop

Minnesota: A simple traffic stop has turned into a tragic event when a Minnesota cop opened fire on a man within his vehicle and in front of his girlfriend. The Girlfriend of the man “Lavish Reynolds” video shows her boyfriend in the car slumped over her and bleeding for what she called a “busted taillight” according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. She claimed the officer asked him for his license and registration, and he informed the officer that his license and registration was in his wallet, also informing the police officer that he was a legal gun owner and had a weapon on his person.

“The officer said don’t move,” Reynolds explains. “As he was putting his hands back up, the officer shot him in the arm four or five times.”

The camera then captures the officer still standing outside the car and pointing his gun at the couple. It is unclear whether he called for help by the time Reynolds began recording the encounter

“F*ck!” the officer can be heard yelling. “I told him not to reach for it. I told him to keep his hand open.”

“You told him to get his ID, sir, and his license,” Reynolds responds.

You can clearly hear her calling out and praying as she worries whether her boyfriend is dying “you shot 4 bullets into him, sir”

Another officer then enters the scene and can be heard ordering her to exit the car with her hands up. She then asks for her daughter and the officer orders her to turn away and move backwards. She calls out once more and the first officer can be heard cussing once again.

Later in the video, she is contained in the police car and records “The police just shot my boyfriend for no reason,” she says, before she recounts her story, adding, “The Roseville Police Department just shot my boyfriend.”

Later it was reported by the Star-Tribune, that Reynolds boyfriend was hospitalized and again reported by WCCO-TV that he lost his life.



via Black Man Killed At Traffic Stop By Minnesota Cop (Video)

People in St Paul Minnesota are demanding answers and this terrible tragic event is carried out less than 24 hours after another man was shot by police.

There seems to be more shootings by cops these days and as investigations begin, you can only wonder at the circumstances of all of these and ask if there needs to be more done to restrict the way cops deal with the use of deadly force and the use of guns. Are our cops not trained enough.

We want to hear your thoughts!

via VIDEO – Black Man Shot & Killed by Minnesota Cop at Traffic Stop – Philando Castile Lavish Reynolds

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