Marco Rubio Sets His Sights and Bush Misses By A Long Way

Most Gunowners’ watched the debate from beginning to end hoping to catch a great debate on the second amendment rights and gun control only to be disapointed that it was hardly even discussed apart from Rubio and Bush. However, this was not the debate that was expected and left things rather short on Gun Control News. The issues were only discussed briefly by GOP Candidates. So waht does this mean for the millions of American’s who are second amendment supporters and value their second amendment rights. It would seem in all the pomp and circumstance that we have been forgotten about. 

But the general consensus is former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s comments are cause for alarm while Sen Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) gained a few points among gunowners.

Debate host Hugh Hewitt posed this question to Bush: “If a family member calls and says my child, my brother, my sister is disturbed, ought the state be able to go and get their weapon without a hearing?”

Bush responded: “I think there needs to be hearing, but the fact is, I think we need to encourage that kind of involvement.”

So what Bush seems to be supporting is that as long as a judge signs off, then a law abiding citezan could have his or her rights revoked based on nothing more than a suggestion from a family member or colleague.

According to AWR Hawkins of Breitbart News notes this is “the very path California took” after the May 2014 Santa Barbara attack in which Elliot Rodger stabbed and killed three people then shot and killed three more. State Democrats pushed through ‘Gun Violence Restraining Orders’ (GVROs) and Gov. Jerry Brown signed them into law in September 2014.

“The GVROs work just the way Jeb Bush outlined by opening the door for a friend or relative—or disgruntled former friend or spouse—to seek a GVRO against a certain person and, with judicial consent, have that person’s Second Amendment rights suspended and their guns confiscated,” he writes.

Bush, who is not a gun owner, is “going to have to ‘clarify’ his position, and soon,” Hawkins writes, or the former GOP favorite will continue to plunge into irrelevancy with the alienation of a critical voting component within the GOP.

So what now or Bush; It seems that he has hurt his credablity with gun owners and that can only mean a lack of support and a deffinate drop in the polls, sliding further down that slope. Gun owners make up a huge populous in America and It seems more prudent to get Gun Owners on side than off.

Marco RubioHowever, Marco Rubio, whilst not as strong as hoped – did score some browny points with Gun owners. Many people suggested that Rubio was on point when it came to Gun Control.

Here is what Rubio said: “First of all, the only people that follow the law are law-abiding people. Criminals, by definition, ignore the law, so you can pass all the gun laws in the world—like the left wants—(and) criminals are going to ignore it because they are criminals.”

Wow, this is something that we have been wanting to hear for such a very long time and most canditates just skim over it with weak arguments for gun rights and gun control and no one saying what is on the mind of Gun Owners. Of course law abiding owners will comply and absolutely, criminals wont, so in effect, the gun control legislation could be a mute point.

Perhaps this is the first bit of common sense we have heard from a canditate and onlt time will tell when others will step forward. Where were they on the day?

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