Nutrition Test Kit – What is it and how is it used?

nutrition test kit

There can be many reasons for bad health, however the reality is, in fact, the main root of the problem will be found in the nutrition. But what if you can't lose weight, or you can't sleep or your body is so out of balance that many other maladies manifest within the physical body. Then you need to test your nutrition with a nutrition test kit to find out more information about what happens with the nutrition you put into your body.

nutrition test kit
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The Bio Nutritional Evaluation Kit can give you so much insight that will help you to make an informed decision on the direction of your natural health care. These nutrition test kist are composed of the following:

  • 1-Urine specimen test tube vial with yellow cap
  • 1-Saliva specimen test tube vial with blue cap
  • 1- Urine Specimen Cup to transfer urine into vial
  • 1- Freezer pack used when shipping kit for evaluation

1 Bio Nutritional Evaluation Form which consists of questions about your background, health history, medications and nutritional regime as well as any questions you have regarding your health.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Take urine 1 to 2 hours after a meal. Please freeze both urine and saliva vials immediately.

  1. Freeze cold pack the night before sending test.
  2. Urinate into a specimen cup (about ¼ full)

Do not send back specimen cup found within the Nutrition Test Kit

(3) Pour urine into one of the test tubes. Fill test tube ¾ filled. Place cap on top, tighten cap, and secure with tape and freeze.

(4) Spit into the second test tube vial. Fill saliva vial at least halfway. Place cap on top, tighten cap, and secure with tape and freeze.

(5)Place frozen urine and saliva samples in the original baggie with the freezer pack on top of vials and return to the kit box provided just prior to shipping to UPS, U.S Mail or Fedex- send (Express next day. )

Florida residents ship standard UPS

(6) Fill out Important Facts Sheet enclosed and place inside return envelope. (Please include your e-mail address)

7) Email on shipping day to notify that the kit was sent out.

8) 1121 South Military Trail # 173 Deerfield Beach, Fl. 33442

Important Note: Do not send any tests Friday or Saturday. The day before the test, take no nutritional supplements. When sending test include any nutritional supplements you are currently taking.

This Nutrition Test Kit Could Save You Money and Your Life

The very small amount that you spend on a nutrition test kit could give you back the life you have been missing due to the bad nutrition you have been putting into your body.

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