Obama Calls For Gun Control – That’s No Good

In the light of all the recent terrorist attacks, it is clear that President Obama has jumped upon the Gun Control Wagon and claimed that in order to defeat ISIS, then one of the most important things we must do is impliment stronger gun control measures.

There is another side of the camp in the pro second amendment movement that claims what we need is more guns and that if more people were carrying concealed weapons the disaster could have been thwarted or at the very least –  the carnage reduced.

In the wake of the San Bernardino terror attack, legal gun sales have sky rocketed as more and more american citizans are seeing and feeling the need to exercise thier second amendment rights to bear arms. Despite the presidents call for gun control, it would seem the American public are taking matters into their own hands and lines at the gun stores are long and people are willing to wait to purchase the firearms they belive they need. Consequently, concealed weapons courses are full and being booked daily as more and more people turn back to the second amendment rights.

Tighter gun controls will not stop terrorists getting guns, that has been proven time and time again. Perhaps the reality is that we must utilize our constitutional rights to protect our familes against the evil tyranny of the Daesh. In the past, we have many celebrities calling for gun control to stop violence, but one has to wonder if they feel the same knowing that Terorists have been on their doorstep.

It is clear that feelings accross the board are split. But who is right and who is wrong.

Amy Schumer, Barack Obama, Jennifer Aniston call for gun control

2015-12-09 16:37:07 UTC

Celebrities and survivors of gun violence and their families teamed up Everytown for Gun Safety to create a video pleading for legislation to end gun violence in the United States following last week’s mass shooting in San Bernadino.

Stars including Julianne Moore, Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Aniston, Laura Dern and Michael J. Fox share the message, “we can end gun violence.” President Obama even joined in, as well as Amy Schumer, who has been an advocate for gun control following a shooting during a screening of her movie, Tranwreck, in July.

Gun Violence and Terror Attacks

One has to ask if Gun violence and Terror attacks are the same. Gun violence from criminal acts are not considered to be half as bad as terror attacks where many are killed in the name of religion. GCMA would love to know where you all stand.

is it different?


via Amy Schumer, Barack Obama, Jennifer Aniston call for gun control

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