One Last Hug

Written By Debbie Myre

Grieving the loss of my husband, I was given an amazing gift of one last hug to get me over that rough time.

I lost my husband on March 2, 2019 to complications from a second transplant that was supposed to cure his reoccurring, very aggressive form of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. He and I were soulmates. He was and is the love of my life.

Photographer: Morteza Yousefi | Source: Unsplash

He had very bad side effects from his treatment and died fairly suddenly of septic shock. We didn't get to say goodbye because the hospital put him on a ventilator and paralytic medication, so he wasn't able to speak again.

I was having an extremely rough time with his death. I believe I had been in denial of even the possibility of him dying and was in very deep grief. It felt like my grief was really winning the battle.

I had a dream one night and kept hearing song lyrics going over and over in my head. It wasn't a favorite song of mine and I took it to be a direct message from my husband. The lyrics kept saying over and over, "talk to me, like lovers do…talk to me" (Eurythmics), so I began talking out loud a lot to my husband.

A Blessed Gift

With out 45th anniversary approaching, during all my crying I talked out loud to him and told him how badly I missed him and all the things that I missed. I told him I just wished I could have one more hug.

Later that evening, I actually started hearing what sounded like buzzing, static electricity, like high power lines. I could feel the energy and then felt a hand touching me from behind (I was lying down on my side on my bed watching TV). I got very frightened and tried to fight it off, as I wasn't sure what was happening.

Then I saw his energy hand, like an outline of electricity. He reached his hand out and entwined his fingers in my hand. I tried to grab his hand to kiss it but my hand went right through his.

I could feel the power of his energy. It was beautiful, but scared me at the same time. I told him I could feel his energy. He put his cheek against mine. It only lasted a few seconds but I will never forget it.

My cheek, shoulder, back and hand tingled all through the next day. It gave me so much comfort and peace. It was a blessed gift that I will cherish for the rest of my days. I slept like a baby that night.

TOSP: What do you hope those grieving will receive from sharing your story?

I hope it can help someone who may be grieving to know their loved one is with them. That they can hopefully receive a message from their loved one. I get comfort from hearing about others who have had communication from their loved ones. It helps me.

Thank you to Debbie Myre for sharing her story.

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