Orb Phenomenon and Unknown Dimensions

– Orbs and Dimensions
Question: “What can this phenomenon be? Why is it occurring and increasing around the world with the advancement of the digital camera?”
Question: “Is it a ‘real’ phenomenon, and if so, is it ‘paranormal’?” (Since ‘paranormal’ refers to objects, events, and phenomena that cannot be explained by our current understanding of science, how then, can we ever know if it is paranormal or not?)
These frequently asked questions have been laughed at, scorned at, ridiculed, and tried to be debunked and put aside as just ‘dust’ by the skeptics. And here I must add, that I do not doubt whatsoever, that dust and airborne anomalies can ‘sometimes’ produce false images in photos, but are not ‘always’ the cause for orb images to appear, because this would be as absurd as suggesting that just because ‘some’ roses are red, hence ‘all’ roses are red, (this method of assumption is not the correct way of science).
With the revolution of the
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