Paranormal Romance Based On Haunting Love Affairs

If you love paranormal romance books, then you will love the new book by Temperance Dawn who captivates us in weaving the paranormal with a hauntingly dark love affair. Temperance has a fascination for the paranormal and uses her interest in creating captivating tales from the haunted locations she visits for PDN.

A new step in paranormal romance.

Temperance Dawn’s riveting story ‘Protecting His Windflower’ shared many stories within its own. From the tale of Liam and Emily, to the shocking story from our antagonist. The story began with a background from our main character and built toward romance. Whilst one of our main characters, Emily, is moving into a new strange home, another, Liam, is trying to fix the place up in time for the return of the owner. Once Emily starts to get comfortable, a benevolent force awakens, and the main characters are encompassed by dark secrets.

paranormal romance

Dawn’s writing was enthralling and always kept me on the edge of my seat. Her fast-paced style provoked me to never leave a page unturned. I was itching for a new plot point to be revealed. Not to mention, the horrific sightings of paranormal activity made my bones chill. My blood pressure increased everytime I feared for the characters. Dawn did a brilliant job with character diversity and development. As the story progressed, I loved learning more about the characters we had met. Especially the new ones, that were referred to at the beginning of the novel, later becoming more important later on. Dawn’s approach to the end of the novel tied a seamless ribbon, and proved a promise for another book in the series.

The paranormal romance genre’s new addition, ‘Protecting His Windflower’, entails an incredible story of love. This thrilling story made me more interested in other paranormal histories and novels. For anyone who enjoys a touch of horror, romance, and multiple storylines, I suggest this book to you. Dawn’s debut novel is a ride you will want to take.

Protecting His Windflower Is Available Now

Review by: Myria Candies

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