Paris Terrorist Attack: The Situation after the Nightmare

The dawn of 14th November brought an air of grievance across the French nation as Paris scorched in the blazing flames of terrorism. The terrorist attacks in Paris left at least 127 dead and over 200 people injured as the result of carnage that was synchronously carried out by shelling and open fire on civilians in different parts of the cosmopolitan.

paris shooting

This was the worst terrorist attack in Europe since Madrid Bombings in 2004. The Paris attacks, which seem planned, virtually started at the same time, at six different heavily crowded venues, including a café diner and a soccer stadium but most lethal attack hit Bataclan concert hall where more than 100 people lost their lives, NBC News reported.

According to the latest report, ISIS has claimed the responsibility of the attack. This is the same militant group is has been causing unrest in the Middle East and has previously threatened France and other European countries. Soon after the incident, French President Francois Hollande vowed to wage a battle against the terrorists as national media pronounced it on the front pages, “This time it’s war.”

Addressing media representatives after a special security meeting earlier on Saturday, President Hollande said that France would stand united and courageous against the enemy. Showing solidarity with his people he further added, “even we are feeling the grief now… We will defend ourselves.” And this time it’s going to be a “merciless.”

France has declared a state of emergency, deploying 1,500 troops to help tackle the situation, while museums, schools and libraries across Paris were shut down, including Disneyland Paris. The subway was also closed and authorities advised people to remain indoors. The investigation was rapidly summoned to search for clues and seek out the culprits who were responsible for the bloodbath.

50 boulevard Voltair, 11th district suffered the worst massacre, where multiple gunmen openly ran around in killing spree. The death toll was highest here because the place was crowded as fans were gathering for a concert by American band Eagles of Death Metal, who were scheduled to perform at the Bataclan concert hall.

The assailants took hundreds as hostages and said to have detonated explosives along with the gunfire. French police entered the premises after midnight and escorted the injured to the ambulances and surrounding bars were temporarily used as trauma units to treat and harbor the survivors. According to a witness, the terrorists were shooting and shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ (Arabic) and ‘It’s Hollande’s fault.’

Bataclan concert hall came under siege around the same time when a bomb blast was heard near the national soccer stadium, where an exhibition game between France and Germany was in the proceedings. President Hollande was also present to attend the event. After the explosion, Hollande was rushed out but the game, however, continued until the half-time when the stadium was cleared on the emergency basis.

French patriots in the US soon took to twitter with hashtag #porteouverte (French: open door) to answer their fellow countrymen who need help. The call was soon followed by Americans who extended a hand with #StrandedInUS. President Barack Obama condemned the terrorist attacks saying that it is an attack on the entire humanity, while US security forces are now also on full alert in the wake of Paris Attack.

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