Retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell’s son makes genius, adorable argument to get his dad to let him sleep in longer

As the proud father of two, retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell is learning that “they grow up so fast.”

On Monday morning, Luttrell had an interesting “debate” with his son, Axe, as he woke him up for school. He said his son’s response proved he is “wise far beyond his years.”

“Axe and I had a debate this morning it went something like this. ‘dad if I could sleep a little longer I will be able to learn a lot more’. Wise far beyond his years why couldn’t I have come up w/ that line back in grade school,” Luttrell wrote in a Facebook post.

The Facebook post also included a humorous video showing Axe unenthusiastically heading to his first day of school.

Back to school..! You guys were right, they grow up so fast. Axe and I had a debate this morning it went something like…

Posted by Marcus Luttrell on Monday, August 17, 2015

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