Show The World How You Feel About Your 2nd Amendment

Show the world how you feel!

The second amendment is taking a beating. Every day, the airwaves throb with squawks about the need to take away our rights and guns. Mass media campaigns daily flood your mind to convince you that not only should you give up your rights and your guns, but also that you alone are probably the single holdout keeping it from happening – that everyone else on the planet agrees that the second amendment has got to GO!

You know you don’t believe that, but really and truly, does anyone else know you intend to stand firm on our rights? When you’re out and about in the world, going about your business, do others look at you and know where you really stand? Do you wish there was some way to help counteract all the anti-second admendment blather and hooey that’s swirling around everywhere?

Do you think it’s important for us to let others know how we feel?

Thankfully, we know we’re not truly alone in thinking that we need to show our true colors. The news is not all bad. In fact, the former Assistant Secretary of State, Alan Keyes, just this week wrote to remind us that “We have leaders who pretend that our innocent lives will be made more secure once we are disarmed, by laws that will assure would-be attackers of the fact that we are “soft targets,” universally vulnerable.”

He implored us to “bear witness to the American heart within you, which despises the mentality of helpless passivity and victimization some of our so-called “leaders” mean to impose upon us.” (You can read more here:

He knows you’re out there, waiting for the opportunity to stand up and show the world where you stand on your second amendment rights. We do,too, and have a great opportunity for you!

Show the world how you feel!

We know how you feel, and we’ve got a great solution for you. has been working on this solution for a long time, and we’ve just launched a line of second-amendment t-shirts for men and women in the GCMA store!

You know you want one.

And what about your friends? The people you care about, that also care about standing up for the Second Amendment? What about the people that you know that are also hoping for a way to show their true colors?

Can you think of a better way to encourage them to join you in showing the world how you feel, than giving them a gift of a high-quality, tastefully-rendered t-shirt invoking the beautiful Second Amendment, the stars-and-stripes, and our committment to maintain our right to defend our families, our homes, and our country?

Us, either.

Now, you can click right now to take a stand and show the world what’s important to you, and go to the GMAC store:

Or are you going to hide whimpering in the corner, hoping no one notices your real beliefs and feelings, like the constantly squawking  media tells you?

No, we didn’t think so.

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