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The Online Pitfalls Of Mediumship and Circle Development

There’s a mass upsurgence in the uptake of social media in the spiritual community, and just as the business community can’t do without social media interaction, there’s something quite sinister in undertone: from skeptics setting up mediums and unprofessional, substandard mediumship being touted as professional, to online development circles as the way forward in developing good mediums.

Online courses are a plenty, with 'certifications' given out upon completion of an online course. Business is good. There are groups sprouting everywhere and it’s not long before you see the same personalities and experts, all with opinions on how, why and where.

You have to wonder who is winning and who is losing, and if there any real benefit to working online in the modern world. Is spiritualism changing for the good or in the move to the modern world, losing face? Do we need to go back to the old school to develop the best we can? After all, in spirit, there’s no Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Well at least I don’t think so. Read on Macduff!!

Reality Check

The reality is that social media and online profiles or interaction is a double edged sword. On one hand it serves as a very good method of disseminating information and achieving what is known in the business world as brand recognition and authority. It has created new levels of business but has also given birth to a sinister monster.

Rather like the bible, which has a great basis for life and living, it too has been changed to suit the politics of the day, and like the bible, there is nothing but perception and opinion. It stands to reason that a balance must exist. For every yin there has to be a yang and for every black there is a white. You see, we live in a world of opposites, each with its perfect law that creates a unique balancing act that can either tip one way or another.

There are of course good intentions and bad intentions and I believe that sums up the social media world with its lack of emotion and powerful method of information dissemination, which also can be full of disinformation and damaging influence.

Where Is The Divinity In Mediumship

Photographer: Joshua Davis | Source: Unsplash

Where has the divinity in mediumship gone or are we too late to this party?

Most people really forget the reality behind mediumship and of course spirit. A church is now just a show and no one wants to hear great philosophy from wonderful teachers.

We have come to rely upon a more social culture to fuel our lives. The basic fundamentals of spiritual growth and development are often forgotten, hidden by agenda and a race to be at the top of the mountain in all endeavors. In a world where everything is NOW combined with a lack of patience, we want physical phenomena in circles – not in a matter of years, but in the time it takes to brew a pot of tea. Does this all sound jaded? Perhaps a little, and for good cause. One only has to look behind the curtain to see what is hidden.

If you want to witness bad mediumship, which can damage the grieving by the careless choice of a single word, then just go online and see the new level of Social Media for Social Mediums. It’s no wonder our wonderful centers and churches are suffering. No one wants to go anymore. I mean, why would you when there are so many desperate individuals online trying to tout their craft and cloak it as spiritualism and mediumship? Pull up a chair or walk and talk in seconds, get online and in the spirit. But what about the issue of development? Well, that’s now online too.

You certainly don’t comprehensively learn the mechanics of mediumship and the importance of discernment online.

Let’s Come Full Circle

mediumship circle

So now we come to the mediumship development circle. At one time it was in the home or church circle – a closed development circle filled with love and the feeling of spirit. Circle members enter with excitement and anticipation of what great spirit has to share with us this week. Your teacher or circle leader creates a testing environment, guiding the students by what he or she feels and knowing if spirit is actually connecting or if the student is blocking themselves. Where mediums not only develop their connection, but grow in spirit and in the time of spirit.

Instead, one can now simply sit on a chair or lounge in a bed and connect with others throughout the world – claiming space in an online development circle where professional mediumship is taught. It's NESCAFE gold blend at its finest and voila, the next thing, there are groups of grieving people seeking guidance who are being pandered to by those who simply got a few things right – not knowing if it was simply psychic influence or really a divine loving connection. The grieving lose out in the long run by disinformation and bad, underdeveloped mediumship.

Benefits of Traditional Circles

Consequently, experiencing a real circle or development group in person, one has the added advantage of feeling real spirit within that circle – harnessed by the power of those who sit in love and harmony. The teacher is able to guide and support the developing medium by being able to feel those subtle nuances and vibrational changes through their own development experience and can certainly discern the level of comfort, fear or judgement.

In taking the realm of spirit to the online world, we place between us technology which has no discernment, and where the teacher can’t identify how the harmony and people in the group are working or what problems exist. We give our power to technology and forget the power of internalized spirit and development of the spiritual gifts in harmony with that which the great spirit gave you. When it comes your time to cross, you won’t be going there and announcing your arrival by a Facebook message or sending out messages in the hope Archangel Michael or your spirit guru will see how awesome you are.

“In the silence of service comes the greatest gift of the spirit that makes the soul shine!” JB

The circle is where we develop. In our daily lives, we monitor our thoughts and take awareness and action in thought and deed. Then when we get back into the development of the circle or the small group that meets in harmony under spirit guidance, the immediate change and development of the soul is clearly measured. The teacher can guide and help the student to understand the language of the soul as it should be.

Some Are Meant To Be Mediums – Some Not

I remember talking to a colleague, let’s call her K. We could both identify how some people who think they have connection, are not within the spirit vibration and merely on the material vibration where the psychic flow seems acceptable. This, of course, causes a false sense of security and does not follow when really helping someone who may be suffering loss. It’s all about the medium and not the connection.

Human needs are complex, but at the root of things is the need to be appreciated and needed and that can become unbalanced. It’s all about numbers and speed. As K would say, some are meant to be mediums and some not. I would have to agree, for it is more damaging to let an untrained individual loose with a gun.

The teacher or leader in a circle with enough experience is able to identify real talent and ability and nurture that individual into a great ambassador for spirit.

It does not matter how technologically advanced we get – real mediumship is born by spiritual development and harnessing the power of spirit within, not from an app, camera or online development group.

If you want to use the excuse that there is no one around to start a circle or to sit, then you have not looked hard enough because there is always a way and it may take a little sacrifice. Another colleague has a home circle while other members travel vast distances just to feel the power of spirit up close and personal. That is where I believe mediumship should grow, up close and personal and learning to feel the real power of spirit in that environment.

Yes technology plays a role in learning, in perhaps serving, but as I believe, not in development. That should always be old school and developing from within.

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