Supermarket Staff Member Gets Tripped By Ghost

A supermarket employee from Irvine supermarket got the scare of a lifetime when a crate unexpectedly moved and made her take a tumble. When the CCTV of the supermarket was later reviewed, the crate appeared to move on its own.


Shop Owner Reacts On Social Media

The shop's owner, Imran Ali, took to social media with the CCTV footage and joked the trick was played by the supermarket's ghost, who he called Stacy. Imran Ali also reported that the staff member was unharmed, apart from a "sore butt".

Trickster Ghosts

The phenomenon of the "trickster ghost" is not new. For decades, there have been stories about unexplained pranks, some more harmful than others. Here are some examples reported by witnesses. Both stories show just how diverse trickster ghosts can be, from relatively harmless to life-threatening.

The Silk Road Spirits

The story of the Silk Road spirits is not a new one. It is said that the deserts of Uzbekistan are home to evil spirits who love to confuse travelers and even steal their provisions. Unfortunately, there are reports of travelers making their way into the desert and never returning. Even though that could be attributed to the desert environment, it would be a good idea not to go into the Uzbekistan unprepared.

An Author's Ghostly Experience

An author by the name of Kerriann Flanagan Brosky had a ghostly joke played on her in 2006. When accompanying a paranormal investigator by the name of Joe Giaquinto, she found herself interviewing the owner of Lloyd Antiques, which was believed to be haunted. She went in with a healthy dose of skepticism, but would soon change her mind.

According to the owner, the ghost of his uncle Levi had a love for practical jokes. Even though the property was a non-smoking area, visitors could regularly smell cigars on the premises. Uncle Levi tends to know things from the shelves and knock tables over.

Once the interview was over, Joe – the owner – invited them to take a look upstairs and joked that maybe uncle Levi would throw something over. The author laughed at the notion and headed upstairs to look through some photo books. When she tried to grab her own digital camera to take some photos for her article, it mysteriously dropped. She attributed the incident to clumsiness, but the EVP and an email from Joe would bring clarity.

I honed right into the camera episode which I thought would be a good starting point, since I also asked Levi to talk to us afterwards. The best EVP is when your camera crashed and I said something like, "Oh, Levi? Was that you?" Right after, you hear a guy go, "Psssst!" Like someone is saying "Come over here."

If you want to read more about this story, have a look at Kerriann Flanagan Brosky's book Ghosts of Long Island; Stories of the Paranormal. There is also a second book, Ghost of Long Island II; More Stories of the Paranormal, just in case you can't get enough!

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