Ten Confirmed 10 In Campus Shooting

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Breaking News: Another mass shooting takes 10 lives in Oregon. Umpqua Community College campus becomes the latest mass choice for a rogue gunmen to massacre Innocent civilians.

GCMA offers our deepest condolences to the families that have lost children or friends in this latest mass shooting.

This heinous crime has caused panic and anger and has also riled the anti-gun loby to cry for serious gun control measures. President Obama spoke earlier on the need for reform and bore witness to the amount of times he has had to stand before the American people and give consolations to families who lost loved ones through Gunmen.

Whether it is an act of terror against the country or an act of violence against our own people, the truth is that, something has to be done to control who gets firearms and how law abiding citizens can maintain their amendment rights.

The man who opened fire and opened on the innocents in is dead after an exchange between law enforcement and himself, but not before he took 10 souls and injured another 20.

“It’s been a terrible day,” said Hanlin. “At this point, it’s a very active scene. It’s a very active investigation.”

A law enforcement official told CNN four guns believed to have belonged to the suspect were recovered at the scene.

“We arrived to find multiple patients in multiple classrooms. Law enforcement was on scene and had the shooter neutralized,” said Douglas County Fire Marshal Ray Shoufler.

He told CNN that two patients died while being transported to a hospital.

The shooting started in one building and then continued to others as the shooter progressed through the campus and a source told CNN; those killed were found in two classrooms.

Internet Evidence

According to close sources, it has also become clear that evidence of the planning of the shooting was discussed online – with some supporting his decision and others clearly berating the shooter for his choices.

The Investigation continues.

via At least 10 dead at Umpqua Community College campus shooting

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