The Best Air Conditioner on the Planet Is The XV20I

The Best Air Conditioner on the Planet
Gary Shares His Choice Of Air Conditioner

I am going to share with you what the best air conditioner on the planet is and why? The most impressive Air Conditioning system, based on my many years of air conditioning repair and installation/replacement in Fort Worth is a TRANE. However, over the years there have been many things that I had on my wish list and now, the System of my dreams has become a reality.

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You Can't Stop A Trane

The Best Air Conditioner

I am a Trane Air conditioning fan due to the long-standing reliability of their coils and compressors. Not to mention the customer service I get from them. It gets better too; as an authorized Trane dealer, it was made even better by receiving the title as an Elite Trane Comfort Specialist Dealer.

Trane Comfort Specialist

This title is awarded to a very select few Fort Worth HVAC contractors. In fact, I would be willing to bet that we are the smallest company to earn that recognition when usually it's only the largest companies that get to be considered. This is also testimony and recognition of the quality of our standards.

Why Trane?

Well, let's go back to my " dream system". This is a dream I've carried in my mind for two decades. In the '80s, Trane produced an Air Conditioner that was so far ahead of its time, it became a legend. The XV15. The key to this system was a variable speed compressor. That is a compressor that is able to speed up or slow down to match the exact needs of your home at any given time. Normal systems turn on, run at 100% briefly, then turn off, and obviously this has its downside.

The world's technology wasn't ready for the XV15, and so… it faded away. A myth amongst Air Conditioning technicians spurred on by testimonies from the few lucky souls that owned one.

Another key element my dream air conditioner needed to have was a modulating zoning system. That is a control system that allows multiple thermostats that can individually control the temperature in each "zone". Unlike traditional on/off zoning, a modulating system can add a little, or a lot, of air to any zone as need dictates. With the creation of the Trane modulating zoning system, another piece was in place and we got that much closer to the making of " The Best Air Conditioner on the Planet". Zoning

The Final Piece Of The Puzzle!

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The final criterion, necessary to meet my high standards, that a superior A.C system would have to possess is an intelligent Dual Fuel capability. Dual Fuel has been around for decades. However, the technology and technicians setting it up were not up to the task to make it work as it should. Dual Fuel or "Earthwise Hybrid" as Trane calls it, is having a system that can heat your house using gas or a heat pump, based on whichever is cheapest under current conditions, or more comfortable. Under normal winter conditions, for heating in Fort Worth Texas , a high-efficiency heat pump can heat your house – considerably cheaper than gas. My Dual Fuel lowered my gas bill this past winter…and it was a brutal one.

Dream Air Conditioning

My dream Air Conditioning System became my reality around the 1st of the year when I removed my two preexisting units (upstairs & downstairs) and replaced them with a single XV20i Dual Fuel (heat pump and gas furnace), adding the Trane Modulating Zoning System, and 7 individual thermostats that allow individual temperature control of every single bedroom, the office, and the upstairs/ downstairs common areas. To complete the dream-the-dream, I added the Trane "Clean Effect" and REME for the best air cleaner and purification.

Just for icing on the cake, my thermostat carries weather forecasts, any weather warnings, and can also be controlled by my phone. Home comfort is unbelievable. It's extremely quiet and the evenness of temperature and humidity control is amazing. The drop in utilities on both gas and electricity has been remarkable. The temperature output when in heat pump mode is blowing away expectations nationwide. I measured 120 degrees at the farthest vent when it was 20 degrees outside. Due to the Modulating Zoning System, I was able to replace 2 Air Conditioning Systems with 1.

XV20i TruComfort™

The XV20i and its brother XV18 are capable of much lower speeds than anything else available (this is very important). The XV20i controls its speed in 10X more precise increments than any competing so-called Variable Speed Air Conditioners. The XV20i is also the quietest unit on the planet

After waiting all this time and finally being able to put "The Best Heating and Air Conditioning System on the Planet"(and quite possibly in the Universe) in my house and have put it through its paces for a year, I have been asked how it all works…It works like a Dream.

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