The Gift and the Lesson From La Santa Muerte


I'm terrible at letting go, whether it be old e-mails or unproductive relationships. I always used to say, well maybe this will be useful someday, or maybe this business professional will actually start doing their job. Then, through a stellar Supernatural Girlz Radio guest, Tomás Prower, I encountered La Santa Muerte or The Saint of Death, and she taught me a lesson I will never forget.

Throughout the show, expert and author Prower, (La Santa Muerte, Unearthing the Magic & Mysticism of Death), regaled us with incredible stories of La Santa Muerte and how this all-powerful Saint, who accepts everyone without judgment, had come to attract an enormous following of marginalized people. So many people, in fact, that the Pope denounced their following and basically decreed, "Just stop it." However, people who feel they cannot turn to other Saints, or God for various reasons, continue to turn to La Santa Muerte, and her legions continue to grow. "There is nothing La Santa Muerte can't do," explained Prower, "but it is important to understand two things when you make a request of this Saint." One, unlike with other Saints, Angels & God there are no stopgaps of protection with your request from La Santa Muerte. What that means is you can make your petition to the usual Godly forces, however, it will not happen if it is not for your highest good. With La Santa Muerte your petition will be granted whether it is for your highest good, or not. Your wish, may not be granted in the way you expect it, you may miss the deeper meaning as to why it is granted in a certain way, and cause yourself further turmoil. Conscious awareness is a very important key in making requests of this Saint. The second important point to know is that you need to make an offering commensurate with your request, and if you don't follow through with your promise, things will fall apart fast.

Prower shared the story of a friend who had been arrested. His family did a petition to La Santa Muerte for him to be set free and, despite all odds, he was acquitted. This friend had promised to get a tattoo of La Santa Muerte on his arm and neck and when people asked about it he would speak well of the Saint who helped him. Only he never did get the tattoo and guess where he ended up? Oh yes, back in jail.

This intriguing powerhouse of a Saint offers many gifts and lessons and I was the beneficiary of one of them. After the show, I "heard" a voice in my head say, "I would like to give you a gift," and I responded, "Okay." I knew that it was La Santa Muerte and I was shaking in my boots, just a little. I had no idea what was going to happen, but I knew that something was coming. Over the next few days, a series of events took place that took a business associate of mine out of the picture. I was grateful because it was necessary. It was one of those unproductive affiliations that I just couldn't let go of, had amounted to a whole lot of nothing, and actually, if I'm honest, it was totally in my way. La Santa Muerte removed it for me and I felt very grateful and free. Thank you, dear Saint. I am learning to accept the gift of death, how to embrace endings and walk into the future with wings.

You can hear the interview with author/expert Tomás Prower here:

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