The new energies in Mediumship

The new energies

Leo Bonomo describes the new energies in mediumship and whether these energies have any validity in the search for meaning between this world and the next. This is in regard to physical aspects of mediumship and the understanding of its mechanics. There is a great deal of controversy regarding mediumship today and with so many split camps, it seems a better choice to bring the information forward for research.
I would like to give an example of how “new energies” are being used by spirit. Many physical mediums are taught by a method which is at least many centuries old.

Mediumship Methods

This is taught by methods shown not only in that excellent Noah’s Ark Society but also in the excellent Scole experiments and is usually a slow process taking on average eight to nine years to develop providing there is the gift and the right conditions.
The prevailing conditions being that Harmony is first and foremost, Darkness and a real willingness to persevere and take instruction from spirit in the best way to produce phenomena. It is also essential that a room be set aside for this purpose and its usage is specifically for this purpose.
The building up of energy itself can take a long time and is still of a quite delicate nature and of course no one sitting can guarantee any results certainly in the short term. Eventually repeatable experimentation can and does occur on a regular basis.
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