The reason Glenn Beck STILL isn’t back

Glenn Beck fans were likely disappointed when Beck didn’t return to his radio and television shows on Monday, after a month off resting his vocal cords at the instructions of his doctor.

Beck’s radio co-host Stu Burguiere said Beck is now just “normal person sick,” after a month of recuperating from his more specialized ailment.

“I mean, it’s a crazy thing,” Burguiere said. “Glenn has been promoting for weeks that he’ll be back today, and give you the big update and we’re going to push toward 8/28. … So he flies back, and then he just gets normal person sick.”

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Though Beck posted about his return on Facebook Sunday, saying he would discuss Donald Trump, Planned Parenthood, the terror in Tennessee, Cecil the lion, radical Islam, hope and action the next day, Beck said he knew he needed at least another day when he woke up on Monday.

“I got up just before 5 a.m. and actually left the house for work, but had to turn around,” he wrote. “It is killing me to miss today. I will be there tomorrow.”

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