Three days and 30 miles — Some Kenyans experience epic traffic jam

Whether you are just getting in from your morning commute or are about to head out, dreading a rush hour home, don’t even start complaining about how bad your traffic might be.


Because Kenya recently experienced an at least three-day traffic jam.

According to All Africa, the situation started Tuesday when unfinished roadwork coupled with a downpour made a muddy mess on a main highway from Mombasa to Nairobi.

“I have not eaten since yesterday morning, not showered and not even changed clothes,” Nathaniel Chweya, a truck driver told Reuters (via BBC).

Kenya’s Daily Nation reported that shop owners near the highway said they sold out of “all foodstuffs and soft drinks.”

“The sad part is that we cannot get [more supplies] as the road is totally clogged up for the last 19 hours,” shop owner Michael Mwangadu told the news outlet.

Watch NTV’s video of the scene:

By Thursday, the local transport authority sent police officers to help tend to the 30-mile long jam.

“We sent many officers last night to deal with the issue. Trucks will be guided, buses and private cars will be diverted onto the standard gauge railway road to ease the problem,” a county commissioner, Evans Achoki, told All Africa.

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