Too many London mediums?


There are far too many London mediums and mediums being trained if that is the correct term into a system that appears to advocate a short term course and certification or perhaps the most correct way of saying would be a “certificate is issued” which of itself has no real meaning.

This certificate then can be bandied around as proof of the attending, rather than any confirmation of, a real achievement or standard.

The fact that this process is more a “turn up and pay” than any guarantee does no favours either to mediums in general or the tutors that may advocate this and is not a service to the public in any sense.

Therefore the fact that a person may have a certificate is only evidence of having, in some cases, paid substantially for the privilege.

We can of course all have off days. When many years ago I was training and understanding the technicalities involved spirit side, of what was needed to gain favourable conditions for the communication itself to proceed, I was in constant awe that it actually worked at all.

What is most important and what the true aim of mediumship communication is all about is evidence. It is the sole purpose. Therefore, mediums have to be able to give evidenced based communication.

This means that generalisations must be kept to a minimum. Of course most people will stand between five foot 3 and six foot tall for example but there needs to be specifics in the sitting for there to be any proof of survival.

In this respect it is important to not only verify information as it comes – not like some, give a five-minute discourse and then say “is this correct?” the only way for me and for those who want to achieve and maintain standards is to give “information – confirmation” all the way through.

This ensures that the communication from both sides is verified and can be understood as correct all the way through.

To me it is a normal conversation except one of the party, the communicator, has passed from this life. I have always viewed it as a normal conversation. In any conversation there is the need to ask questions and so it is simply a matter of asking for clarification from the spirit person who has come through.

One of the ways in which good mediums can be distinguished is the lack of questions, “Good Mediums do not ask questions” Beware of those who ask questions in a sitting.

A sitter has come for answers; they have come for comfort, to perhaps enable a grieving process to begin or to endure. They have not come to be questioned.

In order to reduce the amount of poor mediums working in the capital – London, people themselves have to be educated in what good mediumship is, what to expect and what is acceptable in the way of standards. Good mediums will survive and standards and service to the public will increase.

Leo Bonomo.

London Inspirational Spiritual Medium.



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