Twitter suspends its own CEO

Tuesday night, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was minding his own business like any other Twitter user, when suddenly he found he was completely cut off from his own account.

According to CNN, Dorsey may have been the victim of what so many Twitter users have faced in the past. If a certain number of complaints are filed, Twitter will automatically shut down the account until the user makes an appeal. Some users also speculated that Dorsey’s account may have been hacked, thus prompting the suspension.

Many a user has had their accounts shut down in the former way. Oftentimes, if a person earns the ire of a group of people, they may attempt to shut down their account by logging as many complaints as possible in a short amount of time. However, Twitter has yet to reveal the reason for Dorsey’s shutdown at this time.

Dorsey himself has attributed the shutdown to an “internal mistake.”

Dorsey managed to regain at least the majority of his followers, going from 3.9 million to 3.8 million.

Twitter has been on a crusade to limit the amount of online trolls, and accounts that engage in harassment, but this will be the firs time has Jack experienced first hand how easy it is for Twitter users to be suspended. People who typically engage in politics, or are regular commentators on social matters are often targeted by groups, and have to go through the hassle of having their counts reinstated.



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