The Different Types Of Air Conditioning Systems Explained

air conditioning systams
types of air conditioning

When you enter the word "air conditioning" into Google, you will get millions of results. Naturally, if you are a homeowner looking to install a new air conditioning, it can be more than a little confusing.

To help homeowners decide on the right air conditioning system, we have created an overview of various air conditioning systems and their explanation below. So, if you are a little lost in the world of home air conditioning, be sure to check out our overview below.

The Split System Air Conditioning

types of air conditioning systems
Trane Ductless System

One of the common types of air conditioning is the split system. A split system is often used in smaller homes, since this type of air conditioning cools compact spaces really well. The system is also better when you want heating and cooling in individual rooms inside the home.

A split system air conditioning has a unique design that enables the heating or cooling of individual rooms inside the home. If you do not want to cool the entire home, but only a few key areas, then this type of system will be most suitable for your needs.

The split system consists out of a compressor – installed on the outside of the home – and mounted units on the inside of the home. In addition to wall-mounted, home owners can also choose a compact floor unit for their respective rooms.

Naturally, split systems have some benefits over other air conditioning systems. Firstly, the split system tends to be the most economical choice where air conditioning is concerned, since you are only cooling your chosen room(s). Secondly, split systems also allow for additional control, since you can manually select each of the rooms you want air conditioning in.

Multi-Split Air Conditioning Systems

Trane Multi Split Air Conditioning

There are some systems similar to that of the split system we mentioned earlier; this is certainly the case for the multi-split air conditioning system. A multi-split system works on the same principle, but is usually connected to multiple heating or cooling devices.

Homeowners who want to cool anything up to five rooms could benefit the most from a multi-split air conditioning. Much like the previous split system we mentioned, it allows homeowners only to cool down specific rooms in the home.

Multi-split systems also have numerous advantages. One of its main benefits is that it allows you to cool down the areas you want cooled, and leave the remaining rooms that do not require cooling alone.

When you choose a multi-split system, you only require one outdoor unit, which is hooked up to several indoor units. It allows homeowners to choose indoor air conditioning units that match their needs; this may include wall mounted units to freestanding units.

Finally, the separate nature of the indoor units also allows more temperature control inside the home. Everyone has his or her benefits when it comes down to room temperature. With a multi-split system, the person inside the room can determine how cool they want it.

The Ducted Air Conditioning System

Homeowners who want to keep their entire home warm or cool could consider a ducted air conditioning system. The system itself is also quite discreet, so it is often a preference for homeowners who want their air conditioning system to blend with their home's interior design.

Ducted air conditioning systems are known as all-in-one climate solutions. The system consists of concealed indoor units and an outdoor unit. The indoor units can be hidden in the ceiling or in the floor; this depends on the preferences of the homeowner as well as the ducting system inside the home.

Systems such as the ducted air conditioning system come with loads of advantages. While it does not provide the individual control as described with the split systems earlier, you can get a duct system to match the needs inside your home.

The discrete nature of the ducted air conditioning system is certainly one of the major benefits that convinces homeowners to get this kind of system. With a ducted air conditioning system, the only visible parts of the system include the grill and the controller. Other than that, ducted air conditioning is pretty much hidden away.

Financial Sense

Ducted air conditioning systems can boost the overall value of your home as well; this is one of the reason why many real estate flippers will install such a system in the home they intend on reselling. By installing this system , the value of the home can increase dramatically. So, this is often one of the standard upgrades real estate flippers will look at it.

The final, and sometimes biggest, advantage of the ducted air conditioning system is the fact it can maximise the energy-efficiency inside your home. A ducted system allows you to both cool and heat your home depending on your requirements. With more control over your heating and cooling system, there is a smaller chance of wasting energy.

We must mention that the age of a ducted system can influence its efficiency. If you have a home with an outdated ducted system, it could be a good idea to look at upgrading some of the parts. Now, the upgrade does not necessarily have to be done on the ducts, but rather the outdoor and indoor units.

Which Air Conditioning System Is the Right Choice For Me?

As you may have noticed by reading our overview of various systems available, the choice of air conditioning is often a personal one. Each air conditioning system has a series of benefits, so it is likely that one of these systems will suit you better than others.

Homeowners who cannot decide on a specific system can always get in touch with the professionals. An air conditioning technician can evaluate your home and make some recommendations, so you can get the most from your air conditioning system.

Need advice on your air conditioning system? Or would you like to have one of these systems installed in your home? Get in touch with the experts at Poe Air for some professional assistance.

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