Video: Does ‘SNL’ Make Fun of Democrats?

They’ve portrayed Sarah Palin as a dimwitted Alaskan and George W. Bush as a incompetent leader. “Saturday Night Live” is known for taking aim at Republicans and has even been accused of being “mean and not funny” by big-time Republicans.

“SNL” creator and producer Lorne Michaels claims that the show primarily pokes fun at Republicans because they have a better sense of humor.

“Republicans are easier for us than Democrats,” Michaels said in an interview with “Democrats tend to take it personally; Republicans think it’s funny.”

Though Michaels has been known to donate to several Democratic campaigns, he identifies as an independent and contends that the show tries to stay away from promoting one party over the other.

“Our job — and it sounds too grand to say and none of us ever say it — is speaking truth to power,” Michaels said.

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