Voice Analysis For Health Problems

voice analysis
Voice Analysis For Health

Voice Analysis Technology – A new inventive way to get a myriad of information to support your health status!!!

Is this a new health fad or is there a sound basis for healing within your voice, and pardon the pun. There is a growing trend is health and healing and it all seems to be held within the voice. Voice analysis can give so mush away about the state of ones health.

Voice analysis measures grammatical function and irregularity in the vibrations of your speech. These irregular vibrations reflect unhealthy stress patterns present in your organ and body systems.

The voice analysis works along the same lines as a lie detector test, however the difference is that it doesn't use galvanic skin response. Instead, it relies on real time biofeedback of your body's activity based upon mathematical algorithms. The biofeedback technology detects signals coming from the body.

An electromagnetic field is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects. These fields have a measurable numerical number defined in space and time. To better understand how our bodies interact and respond to magnetic fields, we must first understand that our own bodies function on our own electromagnetic fields. Almost everything around us is composed of an electromagnetic field.

Some examples are when our Sun sends out many electromagnetic fields to warm the earth, and the moon sends out its powerful field to control the tides in our oceans. In the medical arena, we use MRI's, CT scans, and ultrasound waves which produce their own electromagnetic fields to produce images for diagnostic purposes.

The human body interacts with all kinds of cells such as neurons, endocrine, and muscle cells. Bio-magnetic fields have been measured scientifically using MEG and MCG techniques. Our body is composed of a multitude of cells that respond to electromagnetic fields. This causes a reaction in the cells called bio-communication which makes the human body a viable living organism.

When a cell has a millivolt potential of 20-30 millivolts, this is considered a low millivolt vibration. This low vibration does not allow the cells to detox or de-stress. This makes the cellular respiration within the cell very slow, and then it doesn't allow for sufficient oxygenation. This causes a vulnerability of the cell so that unhealthy cells can attach and possibly cause serious disease When a cell receives a millivolt charge of 80-90 millivolts, the cells begins to increase cellular respiration, and the increase of oxygen makes the cell healthy. These healthy cells begin to multiply and repair damage to the organs and tissues of the body wherever it is needed.

Our cells undergo over 7,000 chemical reactions per second. When cellular respiration is happening, we know that the sodium potassium pump within the cell is working and healthy cells are being manufactured. Therapeutic Pulsed Electro-Magnetic fields introduced in the body supports the cell with energy .

Example: Let's just say that your Liver functions at 700 millivolts which allows for optimum liver function. When the millivolt charge is less than 700, the liver is functioning at much slower rate than normal, and it's not performing at optimal levels. In time, health problems may occur. This can occur in organs, blood vessels. brain, and muscles etc.

What kind of secrets are hidden within your voice?

voice analysis
Voice Analysis

Your brain cells have the ability to store huge amounts of data. This phenomena is accomplished by the brain recording vibrations and signals that come from the parts of your body such as your organs and cells. Our Vagus nerve is the master nerve that controls how data is gathered from the body and how it communicates with our brain. Our voice is used as a signal to channel to resonate frequencies.

The computerized voice technology tablet puts these frequencies into a computerized program, and then it departmentalizes them into categories such as organ stress, nutritional imbalance, bacteria, virus, fungus and many more. The reading give us a way of recognizing chronic or acute imbalances. The variation of your voice frequencies can help determine the possible imbalances of your human body and put you on the road to good health.

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