Waiting for his new baby to arrive, TheBlaze editor pens an emotional ‘first letter’ to his daughter

This Wednesday, August 5, 2015 brings great joy to TheBlaze family as Faith editor Billy Hallowell and his wife, Andrea, welcomed Lilyana, their second child, into the world.

Image source: Facebook

Image source: Facebook

Before the Hallowell’s new daughter arrived, Billy penned a note to the young lady as he waited (not so) patiently.

“As I sit in delivery room awaiting arrival of my daughter, I’m jotting down life lessons I want her to cherish,” Hallowell posted on Facebook.

The special “life lessons” and “sentiments” in Billy’s heart:

1. You are made in God’s image. Never forget that.

2. The Bible will and should always light your path.

3. The world’s standards are so very rarely the same as God’s. Always abide by the latter.

4. You matter. Even when life feels difficult and the task insurmountable, you have value and can do anything through the Lord.

5. People’s opinions only matter as much as you want / allow them to.

6. Embrace compassion. Locate others’ struggles and needs, recognize the blessing you’ve been given and lend a helping hand.

7. Listen more than you speak. (daddy struggles with this one, actually)

8.  Set standards for yourself. Base them on God and never fear standing by them.

Love, Daddy

Image source: Billy Hallowell / TheBlaze

Image source: Billy Hallowell / TheBlaze

As we publish this post, mother, baby, older sister and daddy are all doing just fine.



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