Watch: Fun video shows how leftist arguments evolved between 2008 and 2016

YouTube creator “Freedom Toons” released a video on Thursday that pointed out how the slippery slope conservatives and libertarians tend to fear with every leftist argument that arrises is justified.

Using two characters, the toon transitions them having a conversation 8 years apart. Starting in 2008 at the beginning of President Obama’s first term, then fast forwarding to 2016, you can see just how leftists have become more bold and open about their stances, where once they were telling us we were paranoid for expecting the worst.

One example they use is the Christian baker scenario. Where once leftists were saying we were paranoid that Christians would be forced to provide their services to gay weddings, in 2016 they openly demand they should, and seek to punish those that don’t, be it though the law or social pressure.

The video tackles other issues as well, such as leftists proclaiming people are homophobic if they do not engage in sexual intercourse with trans individuals, and how leftists were gung-ho about due process for terrorists, until 2016 hit and asking for due process of those accused of rape was too much.


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