We are Cause

– I was rash as young woman. I behaved as if I had no idea I could be broken, as if I expected to live forever. I escaped serious injury many, many times by what often looked to me like divine intervention. It emboldened me, serving only to teach me to believe I could press my limits with impunity.
I’d had an experience of being accompanied and “looked after” from the time I was six when I first met my Daemon Guide, my Beloved “Celestial Twin” and my “Husband in Eternity”. I had heard His subtle inner guidance and followed it all my life until the age of sixteen, when I fell in love with a man nearly a decade my senior. I heard my Twin remark “When you are in love you pay no attention to me at all”. As there was no one in the world to reinforce my belief in my inner Guide, my reliance upon Him dwindled and I turned my attention outward into the world of sensation.
I loved love and I adored seeing that precious light in a man’s eyes and knowing I had put it there
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