Weekend gun fun! Watch a sharpshooter flying in a helicopter take aim at a moving car rigged with explosives (and much more)

Responding to requests from her fans, sharpshooter Kirsten Joy Weiss just posted a new video showing her skills in the area of hitting moving targets.

So, how about picking off a remote-controlled toy car, a small drone and — while shooting from a helicopter — a moving car rigged with explosives?

The wishes of Weiss’ fans were her command.

Image source: YouTube

Image source: YouTube

In the short clip, Weiss uses three different firearms, starting with a PWS MK116 (firing .223) targeting the remote-controlled toy car.

After quickly dispatching the toy car, Weiss picked up a basic Benelli M4 tactical shotgun and took down the mini-drone.

Finally, packing the FN SCAR 16 — reportedly popular with U.S. special forces — Weiss climbed into a helicopter for the last trick on the video.

Firing from 150 feet off the ground, Weiss needed to hit a small strike plate in the moving car in order to ignite the charge and blow up the vehicle.

So, did she make the shot? (Would we be showing it to you if she missed?)

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